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  1. Much like Mr Calvert showed in his first post, I have a picture that I have had online since March. The asset data says no popularity and hasn't been seen yet. I have sold it 7 times to 4 countries and have found it numerous times online. I'm glad the investors had a good quarter...
  2. Six days in and it's the best month of the year so far. Fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself for the rest of the month!
  3. I have so far made 10 cents but I am well on my way to another 10 cents any day now! The 10 cents actually is from a shot I took as a "why not" one thinking it will never sell. I think I've actually hit each continent with it so far with the last sale to Australia. Silver linings...
  4. I spoke too soon earlier. Submitted 14 pictures today and within 3 minutes, all rejected for noise or focus. Someone must have been in a hurry to get off work and didn't want to waste any time on clocking out
  5. Giving credit where it's due, I have to say that the past 2 weeks or so the reviews have gotten much better. No rejections for focus when the picture is in full focus, less noise rejections and no keyword games when the keywords fit the picture. Hope things have gotten better for good.
  6. Kind of sad when I make more in a. month on IS than I have all year here
  7. Well today is the rare but always popular and go to in a pinch "keywords" with a "missing property release" thrown in for good measure. It's just a quirky way to say Happy Spring!
  8. The last two shots were rejected, but only by shutterstock
  9. AS has always been tougher it seems. I am not against rejection, I get it, the picture isn't good enough, fine, move on to the next one. But lately they're being rejected right out. How is one rejected for whatever and then accepted without doing anything to it the following day?
  10. I had 5 shots to submit today, I sent in the first 3 KNOWING they won't be approved for the popular rejection today and they weren't accepted. I know the last 2 will be rejected as well. Frustrating is right.
  11. It's funny, two of the pictures that are so horribly out of focus and loaded with noise or whatever else they picked to reject them for have already sold on other sites and for more than a dime
  12. It's been editorial that I've been getting rejected for. Today was a roller coaster, this morning all rejected then in the afternoon accepted then back to rejection later in the day. All for either noise or focus.
  13. Yes, today is Noise/Focus day! Five pictures of completely different subjects rejected all at once. I'm not perfect but I know that they aren't out of focus and have had all noise removed. It's getting harder and harder to take this site seriously anymore even though I'm selling for pennies...
  14. Back to another round of what will they reject my images for today...
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