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  1. Well, than they calculated the price for 750 pics the wrong way.
  2. I have the same problem - created vectors on iPad, exported them in Illustrator on Mac, no rasterizarion, no gradients no nothing... still got rejected. Have no clue whats wrong...
  3. Never had this problem but these days, yes, it happened to me as well. And for more, on shots that have a solid commercial potencial. For example, rejection for simillar content for two shots of the same subject, but shot in different angle and with two different lenses for absolutely different look, composition, compression and depth of field... Both are shots of the highest mountain range in Czech rep. and the highest mountain itself. Both perfectly usable for travel agencies, outdoor companies, tourist and guiding companies... I just dont get it.
  4. It happened to me, not with 50 but something like 20 or so
  5. Yay... I mean... the number of sales always varies, for january lots os subs but no bigger ones, so I was just curious If that thing has happened to anyone else... it is a tough game here, I know... but if you keep on working, it pays off. No need for a tearbowl :)
  6. Hey guys, not that I would complain that somebody is buying my stuff, but in last few days, one location (I suppose one buyer) has downloaded more that 20 pics (I am selling about 200 / month, so it is a noteworthy amount for me)... Has anyone simmilar experience? Just wondering what they gonna be doing with so much winter landscape shots :) Cheers.
  7. I am using Adobe illustrator CC and on Ipad Adobe Illustrator Draw. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to upload a vector graphic (made on iPad + Mac) and I keep getting error messages - I managed to solve all of them except one - "Remove raster effects.." But there are none, I have applied no effect at all. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks and Merry Christmas :)
  9. The problem seems to be on the main page of the app. When you open the earnings page from notifications center, the app is ok. Until you switch to the main page. Then it crashes.
  10. The same here. But when i opened it from the notifications panel, it works. Strange :)
  11. Sory @Alex Shutterstock, but it is not solved todays dowloads are shoen in app, but i am missing yestersay sales and unpaud earnings are not updated at all...
  12. Some fault again - a download from yestrday - shown on the map, shown in activity in the app but missing in summary and in earnings in app... cmon, shutterstock guys...
  13. Im an ios user and have the issue as well.
  14. Mine is displaying some months duplicated. Just a bug they will repair it soon
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