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  1. @stevemart Wow, that's completely crazy to have our own portfolio suspended and our email address given to the thief ! Shutterstock is completely mad ! Complete disrespect for the contributors !
  2. Denis Costille

    Stolen pictures, fake portfolios

    Since the moment SS has been advised of an infringement but does absolutely nothing, it's absolutely possible to prosecute them as ACCOMPLICES.
  3. If one day I would find my pics stollen and sold on another SS portfolio, I would first advise SS with all the necessary proofs. If the image were not removed very quickly, I would keep the SS answers and I would... prosecute in justice, against the thief and also against SS, since they knew the situation and did nothing, they simply would be... accomplices.
  4. My portfolio has only 2454 images, among them 1518 of Thailand and 680 of Sri Lanka. So my portfolio is mainly about travel photography, a big part as Editorial beacause with people and/or logos. And each month I sell 3 % of my portfolio.
  5. Denis Costille

    Very Few Sales from Asia

    The bigger part of my portfolio is about Thailand and I regularly sell pics in Thailand. Some of my pics of Sri Lanka are sold in Sri Lanka, but more often in India.
  6. Denis Costille

    Important questions on Shutterstock Referral links??

    Wow, that's not very good news ! It's a pity that SS don't bother to fix the problem.
  7. Denis Costille

    Portfolio on criticism

    I'm very surprised that in your keywords you absolutely don't name the famous landmarks in Sri Lanka. Sometimes even the country isn't in the weywords ! Weird choice.
  8. Denis Costille

    Important questions on Shutterstock Referral links??

    @Alex Shutterstock So, no answer about the validity of such links ???????????
  9. Denis Costille

    Important questions on Shutterstock Referral links??

    The links with ?ridXXXXXXX work, in the meaning thatthey lead to the correct webpage, even for a search result among my portfolio, but I have absolutely no way to know if it would actually refer a godson from which I would then earn commissions. Would be great to have an answer, because usually such a paramter in an URL just works fine. And if it doesn't work, would be great to have an example of the correct syntax.
  10. Denis Costille

    Nikon D3400 vs D5300

    It's an APS-C sensor, so a bit frustrating for the bokeh and in low light but currently I can't afford a full frame and prefer to buy lenses. Since that camera allows me to sell 100 pics a month thru two microstocks, I'm satisfied with it.
  11. Denis Costille

    Nikon D3400 vs D5300

    Choose the D5300, It has much more parameters you can tweak and the articulated screen is really handy in some situations. I have a D5100.
  12. Denis Costille

    Important questions on Shutterstock Referral links??

    I'm very interested by this topic, since I had posted a question about all that recently. Currently I want to link to my sets page, so I use that link : https://www.shutterstock.com/g/deniscostille/sets?rid=183877 I also would like to be able to link to a search result within my portfolio. Thanks to Thomas I now use the & to try to add the ref ID : https://www.shutterstock.com/g/deniscostille?searchterm=airport&rid=183877 Can @Alex Shutterstock tell us if these two links are correct ? Thank you.
  13. Sold less than eight hours after being online.
  14. Denis Costille

    Can't see Android pictures on my computer

    - Use an app allowing you to transfer your pics to an OTG USB key. or - Use a software on your PC allowing you to navigate thru your phone (SMS, contacts, photos...) through USB Debugging Mode.