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  1. I was about to post the question too, because I reached Level 2 but still earn $0.10, but you aswered my question already. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I have a big problem ! it's absolutely impossible for me to force the English language on the public Customer-side Shutterstock ! Even if : - I delete the /fr/ in the URL (it immediately comes back) ; - I choose English at the bottom of the page ; - I try in private mode (not to be logged). Sometimes I end up in English, but I absolutely don't know how, neither how to reproduce it. The choice of the language works with every other language EXCEPT English !!! I want to be able to browse the Customer selling pages in English because I need to access the
  3. Hello. Since a few weeks, I encounter a problem when editing the keywords in the catalog manager : impossible to type a new keyword ! I have to type it in the notepad, copy it and paste it (CTRL V) for it to be accepted in the input field. Else, either nothing appears, or just ONE letter of the keyword. I use Chrome. That very annoying. Could that bug be fixed ?
  4. Hello. An Indian news magazine used one of my photos in a Youtube video. OK, this magazine bought a licence, but under the video there is : "Creative Commons licence - Reuse allowed". I guess it means all the stills in the video may be reused for free. But the purchaser of the licence is absolutely not allowed to give any licence about my photo. So, what to think about that ? Thanks.
  5. The utlimatum ended one hour and a half ago and the first faulty site didn't buy a licence. So it's only a half-success. The second site, who bought a licence, sent me an email today to apologize.
  6. Except that this website IS NOT a Shutterstock licensee and it's NOT about a misused bought license, it's just a website who STOLE my photo. So your remark is irrelevant.
  7. I already got $2.45 from the second site who had stolen the photo from the first one. I sent this first site a 24-hour ultimatum to buy a licence.
  8. I contacted the website. I tried to frighten them, demanding them to buy a licence, without really believing they would do it. I saw that they withdrawned the photo immediately after receiving the mail. And now I'm back home one hour later and I have a mail form the website, apologizing for the Copyright infringement. In the same time I had contacted another site, who had stolen my photo from this faulty site. I see a $2.45 On Demand licence bought from the headquarters city of this second website and they modified the credit for : " Shutterstock/Denis Costille". So I recontact
  9. It would be a pity if SS doesn't care the interests of its contributors.
  10. Hello. A travel website bought two of my editorial photos of Bangla Road in Patong, Thailand. Good. But I discovered that a Thai news website used one of these photos in an article about the closure of bars because of Covid-19, and the legend/credit is : "PHOTO: Patong's Bangla Road will go quiet for a few weeks - Travel Triangle" So, the news website has taken the photo from the travel website cited as a source. The original feature article on the travel website is about nightlife in Phuket in general and is absolutely not related to the Covid-19. Is this kind of use allow
  11. You mean, in the "Licencing options", simply clicking NO instead of yes for image sales and footage sales ?
  12. So disgusting and contemptuous ! Seriously considering closing my account...
  13. Obviously the legit buyer is the Greek website. First because the image on the Turkish site is cropped and second because the publication dates clearly indicates that the Greek site is first. And you are also completely wrong about the number of uses of this photo. You even didn't notice that some items in the list concern the same domain name. That happens when, for example, you have the thumbnail of the article on another page of the website. And there also is the question of press agregators, websites that only replicate published articles. I often see that for some of my pics.
  14. So, Kate Shutterstock and @Alex Shutterstock, the thief's portfolio is still online. I really don't understand Shutterstock !!!!!
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