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  1. Denis Costille

    Keyword present but photos not found

    Yes but that doesn't resolve the problem, since customers won"t obviously search a pic from my portfolio, but form the general search box. Even weirder : if I public search for "koh poda sign", the pics with "koh poda" and "sign" will show up, while they won"t show up with only "koh poda" !
  2. Denis Costille

    Keyword present but photos not found

    Weird : pics just accepted on hour ago are already searchable, but my pics where I retyped "koh poda" yesterday to be sure there were no typo still don't appear with this keyword. 😢
  3. Hello. Wanting to add some more pics to old previous online ones, I used the keyword "koh poda" and I was very surprised to see that only some of my pics bearing this keyword appeared ! I checked the missing files and they indeed had "koh poda" as a keyword, without a typo. They also have "poda island" as a keyword and they do appear when I search for this keyword. I just edited these pics, deleting and retyping "koh poda". I will check in three or four days if this time they will appear with the keyword "koh poda". But how to explain this bug ? Thanks.
  4. Denis Costille

    Dambulla Cave Temple, editorial or not ?

    Thanks to all. On the forum of another image bank, people from this image bank participate on the forum, so I thought it was the same here.
  5. Denis Costille

    Dambulla Cave Temple, editorial or not ?

    Contributors are so poorly paid that I don't want to waste my time copying/pasting 50 pics to resubmit them. Too much time consuming for me. I prefer an answer from someone at Shutterstock.
  6. Hello. I have a series of photos of Dambulla Cave Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka) to submit. For the pics without people, is it Editorial or not ? I see a lot of pics as non editorial but I don't want to take the risk,since Shutterstock could have changed his mind in the meantime, and I don't like to lose my time with a rejection and a new submission of this batch. So please, if someone from Shutterstock could give me the answer. Thanks.
  7. The notification email arrives between one and four days later, roughly.
  8. Denis Costille

    Wait time for approved photos to show up

    My approved pics show up between one hour and six hours, roughly. The e-mail arrives well after my pics are already visible.
  9. Denis Costille

    commercial rejected, can I easily switch to editorial ??

    Whole process again !
  10. Denis Costille

    Illegal use of pictures

    If the media indeed bought the photo, it could complain to SS about your annoying call and if this happens again and again, your account here could be closed. You're not supposed to contact the customers yourself. If you have a doubt, contact the support.
  11. Denis Costille

    Copy/paste of keywords very limited !

    The problem was that the "Paste keywords" was greyed, so not possible. I tried to put the cursor and do a CTRL V and it worked. I hadn't tried that before because in another image bank if I do this, all what I paste is considered as a unique very long multi-word keyword, so completely unusable. Thanks to all for your help.
  12. Denis Costille

    Copy/paste of keywords very limited !

    I already tried in the same window and in another one, it doesn't work. Only works from pics not yet submitted.
  13. Hello. The copy/paste of keywords seems to be possible only between pics on the same submission page. For me it's impossible to copy/paste from a pending pic or from a rejected pic or from a pic already accepted. That's very annoying and time consuming. Couldn't the technical staff improve that ? Thank you.