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  1. I was about to post the question too, because I reached Level 2 but still earn $0.10, but you aswered my question already. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I have a big problem ! it's absolutely impossible for me to force the English language on the public Customer-side Shutterstock ! Even if : - I delete the /fr/ in the URL (it immediately comes back) ; - I choose English at the bottom of the page ; - I try in private mode (not to be logged). Sometimes I end up in English, but I absolutely don't know how, neither how to reproduce it. The choice of the language works with every other language EXCEPT English !!! I want to be able to browse the Customer selling pages in English because I need to access the
  3. Hello. Since a few weeks, I encounter a problem when editing the keywords in the catalog manager : impossible to type a new keyword ! I have to type it in the notepad, copy it and paste it (CTRL V) for it to be accepted in the input field. Else, either nothing appears, or just ONE letter of the keyword. I use Chrome. That very annoying. Could that bug be fixed ?
  4. Hello. An Indian news magazine used one of my photos in a Youtube video. OK, this magazine bought a licence, but under the video there is : "Creative Commons licence - Reuse allowed". I guess it means all the stills in the video may be reused for free. But the purchaser of the licence is absolutely not allowed to give any licence about my photo. So, what to think about that ? Thanks.
  5. Hello. I was searching for pics about aromatherapy for a friend and I found that : - original pic : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/selection-essential-oils-various-herbs-flowers-684766534 - stolen pic : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/aromatherapy-essential-oil-images-on-table-1552322495 I was lazy to check the complete portfolio of the thief. Kate Shutterstock can you please check that ?
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