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  1. My milestone is moving away from stock. This is where I rediscovered my photography passion. A couple of neat shots on my phone that I thought might sell, then some rather awful macro shots, and finally some real "stock" photos that sell all the time. I somehow managed to find a tiny little niche inside a tiny little niche that I seem to have the market on and all that from a free photo shoot I did for a cousin. This side hustle was only supposed to pay for some new gear. Almost two years later, I've got a full camera bag, a small portfolio of passive income, and am breaking into family photo
  2. Better save that .$02! That's a good chunk of a sub payment right there...
  3. I'm basically just in this to pay for my adobe cloud subscription... with that expectation in mind, I'm usually quite pleased every month! The extra cash goes in my "photography slush fund". October hasn't paid for itself yet, especially with adobe going up in price!
  4. I am seeing a lot more complaints about rejections, so maybe they are tightening up some. I try to submit mine as good as I can all the time, so I haven't noticed a lot of change. I have an image that sells regularly that I submitted the wrong version and it has sensor spots all over the place. Really terrible. It was accepted and it drives me crazy every time it sells because it's obvious and awful. But it sells, so I don't want to delete and resubmit!
  5. I've been coming and going for awhile now. I seem to always walk back in just at the dust is clearing on some major blow out (I'm picturing old Saturday morning cartoon fights). How on earth do you guys handle this much drama?! I have a 4 year old and a very sassy 2 year old and I think there's less fighting and tears than on this forum full of adults. It reminds me of the pregnancy forums and at least those ladies had the excuse of raging hormones for all the pettiness and sniping. Can't we just agree that the old ways of submitting meticulous perfect images (art) and the new ways of submitti
  6. I'm getting closer, but not quite there yet! I'm also on the slow and not so steady route. Congrats on making it to the second tier!
  7. Trying to learn some new skills in an effort to work towards composites. This was my plaything for the morning. Would welcome any thoughts on improving it. The base image was a factory in canada spilling out a huge plum of smoke. I wanted to manipulate it to spew the milky way instead. Both images are mine and I like the concept. Eventually would like to do one of the factory spewing nature, but I haven't found the right nature image for that idea. I would put my PS skills in the advanced beginner category, so keep that in mind with your recommendations!
  8. Still in the 25 cent club, but I average $1.11. Have had several high SOD and ELs that really helped bump it.
  9. Sold my first SOD for $60 making this my best month ever. It was a factory billowing smoke in canada. Shot at 35 miles per hour with the window down. LOL, I still have to sell bunch more, but after about a month of only subs, it was a welcome shock to see such a good sale today! I've had some ELs, but even a month where I sold 3 ELs didn't hit this amount together! I just cashed out a few months ago to buy a lens, now I'm saving up for a full frame upgrade. Only $600 to go! My lesser goal here has always been to pay for my hobby with it and these better sales certainly help! (The greater drea
  10. $60! My best sale yet and now my best month! Woohoo!
  11. A photographer I took a workshop with told me that the number one problem with amateur photographers is that they are lazy. Every shot is from 5-6 feet up, from the most obvious angle. They aren't out at dawn and dusk. They aren't researching, editing, and redoing. Lazy. I remember Laurin telling me something similar a year ago. I'm not a successful stock photographer. I am lazy, willing to snap a quick shot from 5 feet and one a half inches up, handheld, and pray it looks like the vision in my head. Some of that is a result of having two active kids who think my offlimits camera and tripod ar
  12. I'm back! I took a few months off, but I'm back uploading and stalking the forum. That's a milestone! Lol. I also got my first payout (I set the threshold for the exact amount of the lens I wanted) and used it to buy a 14mm lens for astrophotography. Yay me! Next payout will hopefully upgrade me to a full frame ( thinking maybe a used Mark I or ii). That one will be awhile coming though! Also finally upgraded my tripod using my earnings from IS. Settled in near Sedona, AZ for a few months.
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