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  1. Same here. Just one page in each set is seen.
  2. The pictures on keywoord suggestions' page don't show making tool impossible to work with.
  3. Mine just don't want to upload. First the system misses several of the files telling "It looks like we didn't get all your files. Let's see what happened." Then the page asks me to wait until the files are uploaded. In several minutes it tells that the process has taken too long and only in half an hour some of the pictures appear in the "Not yet submitted" area. The others are completely lost.
  4. Sorry, we could not create a list of recommended keywords. Please try your search again - tells the site.
  5. And application, and catalog are down. The forum is the only thing that still works.
  6. I think, forum is the only thing that is working now. Everything else, including the app, is completely dead.
  7. This month I've got only two small singles and nothing enhanced, but there are more on demand images than usually. Unfortunately, it doesn't help the total earnings to grow up to the sky - the earnings' stats is poor and disappointing... I hope, it's just lazy summer time full of vacations and the situation will become better in September.
  8. Same for IOS. The earnings are displaying, but there is no information on the main page.
  9. Anna, thanks for information. Could you please explain us what's going on last two weeks? The problems may be different, but every day or two something breaks and doesn't work properly
  10. Me too. I hope it won't last for a long time, just some technical works on the page.
  11. Mine is loading but very very slowly I can see the earnings but the map and portfolio are not working.
  12. The ODDs quite often don't show on the map, but today the subs can also be seen only in stats and application.
  13. Is there any information when the problem will be fixed? It's quite inconvinient to work when something like that is broken.
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