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  1. Hi! Is anybody know, where can I see the upload date for images that haven't sold yet? Some time ago it was possible to see it in Portfolio->Approval Status tab, but now this tab removed. If now it is impossible, is it possible to add such feature to the catalog manager?
  2. Did anyone think about what we will do when neural networks learn to make a lot of full-sized similar images from small thumbnails?
  3. Hello! I submit jpeg images that have clipping paths. But when customers downloads it, even in Large size, there is no clipping path in it. Why Shutterstock cuts off clipping paths from jpegs? As I know, Shutterstock have supported clipping paths in jpegs some time ago. Best regards, Vasily Menshov
  4. Hello! Do you know that the Shutterstock supports the search for images with a limitation on the upload dates? I could not find such functionality on the main client site, so I slightly modified the Shutterstock test application, adding the upload date filter. Now you can see which picture was the most popular at your request, for example, in 2017. Sample Shutterstock App It's strange that this functionality is absent on the main site of the Shutterstock. Perhaps, buyers of our pictures would like to be able to search the most popular pictures not only for all time, but als
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