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  1. Maricris Mabingnay

    Are buyers taking a break?

    I dont know if its just me or its just my poor content. But I recently have decrease number of downloads and 4 days straight with no sales. Are buyers taking a break before start of another year? Im just a few months old contributor so I want to know about this from old contributors.
  2. Maricris Mabingnay


    Thank you!
  3. Maricris Mabingnay

    Happy e-mail

  4. Maricris Mabingnay

    Web uploader is busted again

    yeah its really worse. I hope this will resolve soon.
  5. Maricris Mabingnay

    Web uploader is busted again

    for me thats not the case. I cant still submit.
  6. Maricris Mabingnay

    Web uploader is busted again

    yeah same problem! I cant submit even one image today.
  7. Maricris Mabingnay

    Uploading Images Error

    the title and category. I cant even submit even single one image because of this problem.
  8. Maricris Mabingnay

    Uploading Images Error

    Is uploading having errors? I tried to submit my images now and already filled up the titles, tags, etc. However, when I click submit "it says nothing submitted. Please review errors".
  9. Maricris Mabingnay

    Only 64 characters of Title is transferred when uploading

    I notice that one too! I uploaded yesterday but I have short title. I usually have long titles before.
  10. Maricris Mabingnay

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    This is interesting. haha For hire.
  11. Maricris Mabingnay

    First Payment

    Congrats Pamela!
  12. Maricris Mabingnay

    Don't shoot flowers unless...

    Thank you!! your designs on your portfolio are so much cuter! I only know for sure flowers are popular but it also has a lot of content so there is a lot of competition. Im just uploading right now what I think could sell and what I can draw. So, there might be more flowers on my portfolio soon cause I love flowers. My main focus right now is to add more images on my portfolio as much as I can.