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  1. Where are we supposed to find the 1099? If I go to Tax Center it shows a W-9 that doesn't have any of the information I need to fill out my taxes. It doesn't show payment amount, full name of the company, company address, etc... edit: nm, found it. You should really put a link to it in the Tax Center though...
  2. I have the Canon 100mm 2.8L macro. It is an excellent lens. I'm not sure if a 1:1 macro lens exists that allows you to stand 2-3 feet away from the subject at minimum focus distance. If it does it's probably INSANELY expensive. Bees flap their wings significantly faster than butterflies. Bees wings are so fast they emit an audible sound and look to the human eye as just a blur. Butterflies don't need to flap as fast because their wings are much larger and give a greater amount of lift per flap. If you want to freeze stuff like that I'd recommend looking into a flash. The "faster" the lens, the less you'll have in focus when using the minimum aperture. Most of my macro images are taken at f/8-f/11 because the depth of field at macro magnification is insanely narrow. Most macro photographers tend to get more light through external lighting rather than opening up the aperture and having almost nothing in the image in focus.
  3. Very nice photo! Do you use a polarizer with your ND filter ever? I'm asking because I'm wondering because I want to get a polarizer and I'm wondering if it'll cut down on sharpness too much having 2 filters in front of the lens.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking ladybugs don't group like that after hatching from pupa phase. I've seen smaller groupings of larvae but after that they tend to stay relatively separated unless mating.
  5. has anyone tried writing something like "in a public park" in the description, or adding "public space" as a keyword?
  6. Can someone tell me what all these terms (SOD, ODD, EL, etc) mean? Or link me to a place where it shows what these terms are?
  7. I'm a new contributor and I have a picture that's usually on the 1st page for the search term "spider". But "spider" is likely not a super popular search term, as I usually only get sales from the image every couple days.
  8. I don't even like this image that much, but it's my first one that sold in under 24 hours
  9. I got to above $5 this month. My goal is a consistent $10+ by the end of the year.
  10. If the payment pops up in a few days or weeks, that would actually be really interesting information.
  11. Cat photos are some of my best sellers. Maybe because my portfolio is small?
  12. The SL2 sensor is pretty good. One of my cameras is an 80D which has the same sensor I believe. The SL2 should get you about a stop better noise performance (meaning you can double the ISO and get about the same amount of noise, i.e. ISO 800 on 350d will look approximately like ISO 1600 on SL2). But even bigger is the dynamic range difference. You'll get an increase of several stops of dynamic range with the SL2. This means you won't have to brighten the shadows as much in post with the SL2 (assuming you edit your photos on computer and don't just use JPEG's straight from the camera). Brightening the shadows also contributes greatly to noise. So with the old camera you're getting more noise in the unaltered image, and you're having to do more shadow brightening in the computer. The new camera will cut down on noise in 2 different ways. I also own the canon 6D people are talking about. That's a huge step up from even the SL2 as far as noise. And you get more background blur since it's a full frame. Pretty good camera if you can scrounge up the extra dollars.
  13. I got this too. My best guess is that this happens because there's a queue that your photo gets put into after you delete it, and it takes many hours to fully process the delete. If I wait like 6-12 hours after deleting something before reuploading it, I don't have the same problem.
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