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  1. Hi guys! can anyone tell me why these beach / sunrise shots are rejected? which of the keyweords are not okay here? Cheers, Chris
  2. Thanks, it always used to work with that with all the other Videos I have uploaded, so didnt think it would be a problem now. Fixed it!
  3. Hey guys, can you let me know why this is rejected? There are no black bars or anything, its just a pretty dark video since its from the inside of an ice cave. "Resolution / Aspect Ratio: Clip is a non-standard resolution or is pillarboxed, letterboxed, or matted." The ratio 16:9 should also be standard and no reason to reject? Thanks, Chris
  4. Btw quick update from my side: After adding most of the mails to the Spam filter, i actually only receive 1-3 instead of 100-200 mails per day now! So that seems to be working, or the bots only spam for a couple of days and then move to new victims..
  5. I was breached 5 times, including Canvas, 500px and EyeEm - seems to happen a lot on Photography sites!
  6. Shit, todayi got another 300 mails, its getting hard to fish out the real ones! How did you guys handle this? Just create a nnew mail address? Mine is connected to so many accounts, ti would be an absolute pain to change them all 😕
  7. Yea, received around 200-300 mails so far. Still coming in one day later now I hope it stops at some point? I dont want to be forced to use a new mail address since i use this one for about 25 years now.
  8. Shit, i just became a victim of this too! Its the last day of Sept, my mail was changed and they signed me up to tons of wordpress sites. I noticed it immediately, changed the Paypal back to mine and changed my password. I have used FTP to upload videos, will stop doing that from now and hope i dont get too many newsletter signups... Any official update from Shutterstock on when to make the site safer? Cheers, Chris
  9. Thanks! Ah thats a shame, spent so much time to edit around 300 of the best photos and now I cant upload them
  10. Hi there! I have just edited 1000 pictures from Afrikaburn and wanted to upload the first ones, but they were all rejected with this reason. I cant upload them as non editorial since those are Artworks and also cant find any Afrikaburn pictures on SS at all, but there are lots of Burning man pictures for instance which is basically the same kind of event. Does anyone know why? Thanks! Cheers, Chris
  11. Haha I see! well, he needs to be lucky enough to see the mask falling out of the plane first, does not happen too often luckily
  12. Haha sorry I do not follow, why is my image doomed and what is the parasite? 😃
  13. Hi guys! lets share our best selling images For me, it is this picture across all the platforms I am uploading, got around 80 sales here on SS alone within my first year! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/oxygen-mask-falling-out-airplane-1005981766?src=sllPaktXapqZ-oiCICOoqQ-1-2 And here are the keywords that people used to find my image, somehow I ended up on the first spots for oxygen mask, which is pretty cool! No idea how I got there though oxygen 32.80% mask 31.10% plane 18% airplane 16.40% emergency 1.60% Cheers, Chris
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