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  1. June was the worst month for me so far and September is doing pretty well thanks to a 25.95$ "Single & Other" picture sale today ❤️
  2. Is it? The main subject (the waterfall) is super clear, look at the lines in the middle going down - this is how I wanted to have it basically
  3. Hey guys, The following image was rejected due to to Focus and Noise/grain. The problem is that the focus is put like this on purpose to create this specific waterfall effect with a high exposure. I actually really like this shot and am not happy that its rejected due to something I have made on purpose and its a technique the reviewers should be aware of? Any comments/feedbacks/suggestions?
  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing! Or 2 neighbors randomly came up with a new hobby of setting up Yucatan related websites any way, i dont want to complain about the 0.87$ sales, they can keep coming in but so far its only been 2 hehe.
  5. Cant wait!! I knew stock photography would be worth it hehe
  6. Another 0.87$ sale, wtf? Now ive got 2.30$ after 6 downloads, thats not too bad!
  7. July starts "good" with a 0.87$ instead of 0.10$ sub sale! That might be the only one for the month though, so I dont expect any improvement in July over the June stats (15% download increase with 55% revenue decrease)
  8. I have a 15% increase of Downloads with around 55% drop in revenue I really hope they will change it again as this is really bad.
  9. Hey man! yea they just reactivated it after another mail saying that the reason was due to some images from the Afrikaburnm festival, they have deleted my images and asked me to double check. As they forgot 8-9 more, i went ahead and deleted them as well, same as here. I wonder though why those images have been approved in the first place if they are not allowed to be sold? Now I have lost a week of earnings and it seems like my top sellers dont show up high in the search rankings anymore after this incident - which would really suck if they reset all my rankings by freezing the account
  10. Hey guys, maybe you can help me out a bit with Adobe Stock. Sales were picking up very nicely there and exactly last Monday, i have requested a payout. On Tuesday, to my big surprise as this never happend to me before, my Account was frozen / shut down with the explanation of "There is a pending content claim that our team is currently investigating. " I sent another mail to their support team on Wednesday to check how long this would take and until now, I have not received any further feedback. Its been a week now and I am missing out on a lot of Sales and motivation to upload more as I usually upload the same pics on multiple websites. With the best performing (Adobe) now not working, I dont really want to upload more. anyone else had this problem and did it also take so long for you? If they found something and need to check it, that wouzld be fine but having my account locked for a week and not paying out my money seems very strange. I hope its not taking months now?! All the hard work of uploading pictures in the last years would have been for pretty much nothing.. Cheers, Chris
  11. Ah yea the date taken is in there as well, thats standard meta data But no caption yep! Maybe I should use Lightroom to add that going forward too actually!
  12. I used FTP for this one and my images only have Keywords in their medadata, nothing else. What I still have to do after uploading is choosing the top keywords and adding the categories. I am not sure if its worth adding the location field in the optional tab?
  13. Hey man, yea it was not just 1000, it was over 5000 in total (capped to 1000) and I just gave it a go to see how many of them will be accepted. Somehow they accepted all and there were just a few errors in total, maybe I got lucky and some new guy approved them haha It will take me a time to get them all on sale though, the highlight trick is what im doing now, but since they are not ordered by file name, I have to scroll through the list and pick the ones belonging to one shoot. Its a lot of time sadly hehe.
  14. Yea i believe thats how it worked, i also uploaded a bunch of them already - struggling with the fact that the images are not sorted by name so i have to manually click on them rather than Shift-click xx images at once. Is there no sort function for the 1000 picutres each!?
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