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  1. Given Shutterstock have data on every image ever sold on this website, I wouldn't draw that conclusion. They will have modelled and tested different payment structures against their data to get them best for them and the bare minimum for us. Businesses as big as Shutterstock DO NOT make blind decisions, especially when there finances are involved. They'll have already forecast the potential outcome of this change and fed it back to their shareholders. After all, it is them they have to answer to....
  2. Best month by a long way for me on here. On AS there has been no sales for months....
  3. I only have a port of 260 images, but I've had 5 sales so far this month, which I didn't think was bad number wise, but all 0.25....I've a few of my new photos uploaded in the last few days sold almost immediately which has been great. Not all doom and gloom!
  4. I haven't noticed any changes myself, I uploaded 50 in one go a few weeks ago and they all got through no problem...I am quite pedantic with my images though and wouldn't upload anything I wasn't happy with on the off chance it gets accepted.
  5. Sorry Will, you can clearly see in your screenshot it isn't in-focus. Look at the "air conditioner" wording, it isn't crisp. Could be missed focus or it could be camera shake causing the softness.
  6. My sarcasm sense in tingling....😂 While it is a nice indicator to see if what you are uploading is relevant and useful, I wouldn't use it as a metric to limit what I upload...I'd use it as a percentage I need to increase while continuing to upload things that are hopefully more relevant. I'm sitting at around 15% of my portfolio selling at least once.
  7. This poor person had no idea what this would turn into when he started this thread.......
  8. I sold an image from the Pride 2019 festival within 5 hours of uploading it and I am certainly not "bookmarked" or known...
  9. I am trying to become more organised and efficient with my stock photos. I now put all of my stock photos into collections in lightroom and use the software for keyword tagging. In terms of the title for the photo, is there a META data field that can be edited in Lightroom that Shutterstock will pull the title from? This would save me a lot of time, especially in cases where photos need to be resubmitted etc
  10. This post has gone way off topic from the initial question... Gist of the thread - pictures were taken at night on a smart phone - they are indeed out of focus - use a tripod and/or invest in an actual camera that gives you better control over the photos /endofthread
  11. *yawn*....I was hoping this thread had been left to die..as entertaining as it is to read it...
  12. I've only had 19 downloads so far over the last 12 months (my port was sub 100 images until last week..) but my average is $0.70.
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