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  1. Hello! Please hepl me, I don't now that to do. I am on SS from Nowember, I upload many EPS files earlier. Everithink was ok. Now now i cannot upload my files "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit." I checked my files 4 time, check size, links, color mode and other thinks, everything ok. I rename my files and resumbit 4 times, but the problem don't solve. Maybe somebody know whai i should do?
  2. KoDiDesign

    Valentine's day

    I am a new contributor on SS. I would like to show some my work. Please say what do you think about them
  3. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-vector/cook-holds-waffle-heart-arm-love-786976306?src=xmDKbaMNURxswygMZLfXaQ-1-14
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