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  1. ... I guess (and hope) it is because of Easter 😉 (the missing photos may be a kind of Easter Eggs - they are hidden and have to be found 😉 ) Have a nice holiday 🙂
  2. Yes, same here - only one out of the batch that does not appear in the portfolio after it has been approved...
  3. Hi folks, maybe anybody can help me: I have some photos of teenagers/children that are a few years old. The persons shown on the photo are adults now - but in the picture they are not yet. So - which kind of model release should be used? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Steve, very nice photos 🙂 My rating is 2, 3, 1 (I rated them before reading your last comment btw. 😉 ) Well, let's see what the rating bot is good for 🙂 Only a few of my photos have these ratings so far.
  5. ... and not in the "Earnings Summary" either. Same problem again 😞
  6. These photos are really impressive! Congratulations! And rejecting these are pretty good examples for the stupidity of the A"I" review process. I am sure they would sell quite well although there is a bit noise in the sky. Nobody would stand directly in front of a large picture . The larger it is the bigger the distance of viewer and picture. So - the "noise" would not be visible for the human eye any more - at least you would not be detracted from the picture by it. And to be honest: Some pictures could hardly been taken without any noise - like the milky way over a dark landscape.
  7. same here - only showing on the map, nowhere else 🙄
  8. Mostly resubmitting with "priviously submitted" solves the problem - but... I just discoverd this advice on their own homepage 😉 well...
  9. so, there's still hope 😉 Congratulations!
  10. Well, I see, I am not alone... It seems that January 2021 is becoming my worst month ever 😞 47 images sold so far - for altogether 5,99 $ 1 SOD for 0,61 1 Sub for 0,53 1 Sub for 0,44 1 Sub for 0,11 43 Subs for 0,10 no ODD, no EL especeially this week has been very very slow - my sales stopped completely on Wednesday... No sale yesterday, no sale today so far. Very frustrating... For comparision: Last month I sold 101 pictures for altogether about 95 $ The download fairy seems to be in lockdown...
  11. I finally got my first sale this year - a stunning 0,1 $ from New Delhi 😉 The world seems to wake up again 🙂 99 more downloads needed to reach level 2!
  12. same here - still no sale 😞 Depressing... Let's see what happens tomorrow.
  13. Same here - no sales so far. But I think, yes, it might be the combination of holiday and weekend...
  14. finally my photos have come back again a few minutes ago 🙂
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