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  1. I have photos of gravestones on a graveyard with names and dates on it accepted as editorials
  2. Anybody visiting the North Sea Coast of Lower Saxony feel free to contact me 🙂
  3. I've had it with IE, but changing to Firefox fixed the problem.
  4. as for me... almost worst start of a month ... and I don't know why. Last month was much better with quite frequent downloads ending to be BME. (kind of negative milestone 😉 )
  5. Happy birthday, Laurin - all the best for you! Have a great day!
  6. BME for downloads 🙂 (earnings average 😉 )
  7. thank you everybody 🙂 So - I will wait a bit, change file name and try again later 🙂
  8. very interesting! How did you create the map?
  9. Hi everybody, I just got a rejection for "similar content" for the second photo. The first one was approved. What do you think? Is it really too similar? And if you could decide, which one would you prefer? I really like both and think they have different mood. So I like to have some different views on it. Thank you in advance.
  10. You have to delete the photo from you portfolio first then wait about 1 day and the you can resubmit the new one.
  11. thanks a lot 🙂 I sent it again as editorial - just to be safe. And I removed the word "Caterpillar" because I don't know by which company it was built
  12. caterpillar is a trademark? I translated it from the German "Raupenfahrzeug" (which is no trademark)... What is the English non-trademark-name for it?
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