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  1. Heide Pinkall

    my first 100 downloads

    well done!
  2. Heide Pinkall

    504 gateway timeout

    thank you @Alex Shutterstock
  3. Thank you to everybody who tried to help me in this case 🙂 Well... I just got an answear from a Shutterstock official: " Hi Heide, Thank you for contacting Shutterstock Contributor Care. Please note that information on the release was altered,and visibly edited. And also note that the model name and signature of Parent/Guardian name seems to be same. Kindly make the necessary changes and resubmit them. For more information please go through the below helpful article from our support center. Why was my image rejected for Model Release? <https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/Why-was-my-image-rejected-for-Model-Release?q=model+release&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1> If you need any further assistance please contact us. (name of sender)" OK... The only thing that was "altered and visibly edited" was the "M" of "May... The names and signatures of model and parent are really different... And you can see that clearly. Saying the name/signature of model and parent "seems to be the same" is simply an imputation... Now... I will fill in this form again with computer... And I will take a photo of both persons while signing...
  4. sure - I hope to get a helpful answear, soon
  5. in the German form there are two lines for signing: one for the model and one for a parent just under it. About two months ago I had a 13 year old boy who filled out the form just like this. He signed as model and below him his mother signed, too.
  6. Now I wrote to support via the conatact form, I hope for a reply.
  7. I submitted it twice so far... and it was rejected twice 😞
  8. ... I have a different minor realease that got accepted, where the signature of the witness is not on the correct line, too... 😞 And those photos were about 8 years old, too... 😞
  9. Hey... I am really upset 😞 I controlled everything on the release + added the English writing for the date of signature behind the German version + added a reference photo ... witness + model + her mother signed the same day ... yes, the photos are 10 years old, that's why the former baby was able to write... but I asked her NOW (yesterday) and as she is old enough, she signed herself together with her mother the witness is a different person who does not belong to the family neither my nor the model's the form that I filled in is NEW - I downloaded it from Shutterstock just the moment before signing. So Shutterstock, WHAT IS WRONG?????????????? 😞
  10. Hi... I just got a rejection for "missing or illegible model release" - I have filled in the original form from Shutterstock, downloaded yesterday... Can anyone see a problem/mistake) (for keeping privacy I've blacked out the names and adresses of course)
  11. Heide Pinkall

    ODD for 0,81 $ ?

    i was just wondering 😉 no complaint 🙂 every payed download is a good one 🙂
  12. Heide Pinkall

    ODD for 0,81 $ ?

    yes.... my last ODD (before this one) was yesterday, also 1,88 $... now I see in the table, 0,81 $ is the payout for "small and medium"... ... never had this 😉
  13. Heide Pinkall

    ODD for 0,81 $ ?

    Hi, I just had an ODD - but only got 0,81 $... All my other ODD were 1,88 $... Has anything changed?
  14. Heide Pinkall

    Rejection - edit or re-upload?

    Hi Steve, this reminds me at the mistake I did when starting to submit photos to Shutterstock. You don't have to mark any of the squares. If you have wildlife photos, they are simply commercial - that means, don't mark anything 😉 And... yes, you have to upload them again