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  1. Yes, but when I click on "English" nothing happens - the site reloads but still shows the German language... Well... 😉
  2. Today it looks like before again... (including the impossibility to change the language to English) Strange...
  3. It's in yours as well. Great image btw! And no - I've never bought any photos at Sutterstock - I even don't have a customer account.
  4. This thought might seem obvious, but in this case at least half of the downloads came from Germany
  5. When I clicked on one of my photos this morning, I noticed that Shutterstock has changed the design and information of the image pages. The popularity score is back. Then I clicked on some of my images to check if it corresponds to reality what is displayed about frequency of downloads and popularity. Some did match the truth, some did not. Hmmm... "Kein Interesse" means "no interest" and "Noch nicht genutzt" is "not used yet"... Well... this is one of my bestsellers and sells regularly. But most surprisingly, the English version of the page actually displays
  6. Same here... downloads stopped at Monday noon - and I have had only two tiny 10c sales since then so far... (I came here to have a look if it's just me...) The download fairy seems to be on vacation... 😉
  7. Yes, I agree, it is useful to know which pictures are not yet in circulation. But "no interest" is not the right expression imho. Something like "undiscovered" would be better in my eyes. (and of course, the information has to be true)
  8. I discovered it yesterday - but it is only working with Firefox for me. I don't know for what this should be good for... In many cases the popularity and/or usage is not matching the truth. One of my bestsellers is "not used yet" for example... Besides this... I think the state "no interest" might hardly attract a potential buyer. At least I wouldn't feel invited to buy a picture that is marked like this if I was a client. It would be nice if Shutterstock would explain this kind of system to us.
  9. ... I guess (and hope) it is because of Easter 😉 (the missing photos may be a kind of Easter Eggs - they are hidden and have to be found 😉 ) Have a nice holiday 🙂
  10. Yes, same here - only one out of the batch that does not appear in the portfolio after it has been approved...
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