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  1. hm... I haven't had any sales since about 12.00 CEST - and no review either - it looks like frozen.
  2. ... I just noticed that the problem is still there... Again one picture of my port is missing 😞 number of images in my port before refreshing: - and after refreshing the page:
  3. The image seems to be back again. My portfolio size is 6161 again - as it was yesterday.
  4. I just discovered that one of my photos in my port is missing, too. I do not know, which one, but the number switched from 6161 to 6160 photos. I did not delete anything - and I even did not upload any new photos within the last 2 or 3 days... That's mysterious...
  5. ... what a desaster... 😞 It's not mainly caused by the new commissions, but I've had only 45 downloads this month - this is the lowest number since more than 2 years. So - I hope for a much better September.
  6. I've been wondering the same... I've had 22 sales this month so far, but it is very few... Zero sales today, zero sales yesterday... I hope the download fairy will soon end her vacation 😉
  7. I can't see anything that could be wrong with this picture...
  8. quite a lot of zero days ... 1st August: 0 2nd August: 0 3rd August: 6 subs 4th August: 0 5th August: 2 subs 6th August: 5 subs 7th August: 0 that makes an incredible amount of $ 1.82 (level 4) Last year's August was much better. I hope downloads/earnings will increase again, soon.
  9. maybe the "non licensable content" is the new "noise/film grain"/"out of focus" issue ... "AI going nuts" sounds pretty plausible 😞
  10. I tried it again - and again "non licensable content" 😞
  11. Now... what is THIS??? Approved and a little bit later disapproved (there must have been an older version in the system that I thought I had deleted before review...)... Result: The picture is not in my port 😞 Now... what is THIS???
  12. There might be nothing wrong with the photos or videos... I recently had the same problem - see here: Shutterstock really should review their review process or the reviews (or the AI doing the review)...
  13. well, after I have tried it several times it finally got accepted - like a different photo of a Jumping Jack figure on the same building. Obviously it was a problem that both figures were painted... Some reviewers reject everything that could remotely look like graffiti (even if it is none)... It's very frustrating... Both photos have been accepted immediately at DT - unfortunately I've never sold anything there... 😞
  14. I sent it as editorial. And it was accepted at DT...
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