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  1. Heide Pinkall

    No reviews of photos or sales

    For me it's a bit slow, too. Review takes quite long (2 - 3 days at least) - and sales are less than last month... I hope it will become better again, soon.
  2. Heide Pinkall

    The story of little accidents :)

    https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/nordenham-niedersachsen-germany-august-31-2016-788606848?src=gz3mDPWN6eEg-xyT-YLm-w-22-88 this photo has not been sold so far, but it was one of the most expensive ones I ever took... After this beautiful sunrise I went back to my car. My biggest lens was in a bag that was hanging over my shoulder. When I reached the car, I opened the door and threw this bag onto the seat... but I did forget that it was not closed 😞 So, my good and expensive lens fell down to the road and got broken. I had to let it repair for more than 600 € 😞
  3. Heide Pinkall

    Question for the Pro Shooters! How much?

    very impressive! ... but sorry I can't be helpful in any way... Maybe you look at websites of other people who sell footage. And than compare the prices.
  4. Heide Pinkall

    The eternal mystery of keywords used

    What a funny game! Here are my "Llama" photos 😉 ... at least the search engine has found the two "real llamas", too 🙂
  5. Heide Pinkall

    photos missing in my portfolio

    here too - thanks for fixing the problem 🙂
  6. Heide Pinkall

    photos missing in my portfolio

    Hi, recently some photos were reviewed. But when I watch at my portfolio at "most popular", the total number of pictures shows up to 160 photos less than yesterday... And indeed, there's a photo missing here and there - amongst them even my second best seller... When I click further, the correct number of photos that should be in my portfolio is shown from 3rd page on... And when I select "new" the correct number is shown from first page on. At the contributor dashboard the wrong number is shown, too. Anybody else such problems? And: I hope this can be fixed soon!!! edited: I do not mean the newly approved images, they do not show yet at all because it is too early after review.
  7. Heide Pinkall

    Review time

    ... at the moment review seems to be very slow... I am waiting since two or three days now - nothing happens... I hope it will become faster again...
  8. Heide Pinkall

    Just Got My First Download!

    nice picture - congratulations !!! First download is very exciting, I remember 🙂 ... and soon you want more and more and more 😉 It may become a kind of addiction 😉
  9. Heide Pinkall

    SOD for September 2018

    https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/historic-water-tower-made-bricks-cuxhaven-1125473969?src=gxTonMvaQ91z_7e_BdoFRw-5-83 unfortunately I don't know from where it was downloaded...
  10. highest number of downloads so far after starting with Shutterstock at the end of last year: 56, but ony three of them ODD for 1.88 € So... I am quite satisfied and hope the trend will continue - although I hope for more ODD, SOD and especially EL 😉
  11. Heide Pinkall

    slow map

    ... what a pity 😉
  12. Heide Pinkall

    slow map

    yes... and then jump to the very latest - but sales in between are not shown 😉
  13. Heide Pinkall

    Something is broken today

    same here - and sometimes it does not load any picture until you refresh the site...
  14. Heide Pinkall

    Time period for first purchases

    10 days - I started Dec 27, 2017
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/violent-storm-impressive-dark-clouds-catching-1164195004?src=wEKZlT6jQDS9vf0NuGzIYg-1-84