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  1. Iam sorry.. ive delete in this thread Thankyou
  2. @HodagMedia Can you check for my portofolio? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/westxcdesigns Thanks
  3. westxcd

    Give me qritique

    Please give me critique this picture. And i will more work hard again
  4. Congrat!!! Yesterday iam get $14 enhanced licensi and iam so very shock and happy ???
  5. I don't know with "let you take a look at my payment status". I think i must sent my screenshoot on payment status in shutterstock or my email ?
  6. Okay. Thank you. I receibe email from contributor care team. I will get my payment on next month. But i did'nt see on delay payment in my dashboard..
  7. Dear alex I didn't receive payment on my payoneer. And this 20 february. Iam waiting for my first payment from7th to 15th . But i not receive. But i receive on my email my payment and i see on my history payment.but i nit receive on my payoneer . Thankyou
  8. same problem with me, i use payoneer @Alex Shutterstock please help we
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