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  1. Thank you! But yours more commercial 🙂 better for earning
  2. yes I had to empty every browser, thats the right picture
  3. Mine is also not changing, for me for a week now thanks I did it with the cookies in this browser
  4. 👍 Great - nice to see where the pictures have been used- you have so good pictures
  5. 🤓 I am only stressed of this hacked things I read, so the whole FIRST day I check my settings for the payout- not much money but my effort in sitting for hours of making titles and words - cause I am German - I need some time to think of good descriptions above all editorial images 😅 The good thing no zero for the first time 😂 directly sold something
  6. I had one in my beginning in 2017
  7. I just asked if it is unusual because my changing was always on the first! Today it makes sense for me to pay attention.... and it has changed now thank you for your answers
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