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  1. Ok. Thanks for your response Philip, wasn’t sure why the price was more than the normal. Thanks for the breakdown..
  2. Had my Biggest sale on a download $7.06. It was titled single or other and, why is it more per download?
  3. Yes I use an IPhone. As for the criteria for rejection, all I can say it was submitted and accepted on the first upload. And that goes for the majority of my photos on my profile. I don’t usually re edited and re submit, if it’s denied I let it go. So far all the photos I sold, were accepted first time... I guess it depends on the reviewer assigned.
  4. Brady that photo was accepted first upload, and only submitted once. Same for the other photo of mines you posted. So far I haven’t edited any photos to re submit. Usually if a photo gets denied, I usually let it go.
  5. Thanks for the edited example Autumn, will remember you and Laurin suggestions going forward.
  6. No sales in April, May starting off right....Hopefully for the better.
  7. The one in color was rejected. Will review the keywords thanks
  8. It’s a glass bowl of honey taken in black and white. The concept is open to the viewer’s interpretation.
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