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  1. EPS could not be uploaded through the main page, only FTP. Why?

    Yes, it works! Drag and drop works, thank you. After that, I see only EPS file in the attribution window. Is it OK? Should I give keywords to EPS?
  2. Hi! I have one problem with uploading of vectors through the main page. I have just a few experience with vectors, that's why I don't know why it is so. So, when I am clicking on Upload and then, when I want to choose both of files (EPS and JPEG), I can't choose EPS, only JPEG. EPS file is grey and could not be chosen for uploading. That't why I am uploading it through FTP, but it is not convenient, especially when I have just 2-3 files for uploading. Could you please tell me, what sort of problem I have, why I could not upload EPS through the main page? Thank you.