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  1. Hi there. As Kelly said above, you are competing in a huge market - particularly with borders and patterns because there are thousands on SS already. I've avoided borders and patterns and focused more on individual objects and posters, displays etc. that represent specific concepts- This has worked pretty well for me. Icons can also sell well, but need to be unique as there is a lot of competition. Think about the type of market you want to attract and how you can create images that would be useful for that market. Also, if you can think of something that hasn't been done yet (or that hasn't
  2. Initially, I assumed that "most relevant" would be how relevant the images are to their title and keywords. But from looking at my own port and its activity, I think that Brady is correct and that it revolves more around which images have been viewed the most - possibly from customers typing in the relevant keywords? It could even be a mix between what has been viewed and what has sold.
  3. Hi Anna. I am wondering if it is still possible to upload our vectors with a jpeg? I uploaded a vector on it's own a couple of days ago, and when I went to view it, it looked a little bit blurred and lacked the sharpness of the jpeg images that I previously uploaded with my vectors. I'm concerned our new images will look poorer in quality when compared to previous uploaded images.
  4. Nice port Mott. :-) This is a tricky and unfair situation that a lot of "original" artists will come across at some point. I'm guessing that for you to have a case, there would need to be enough similarities that make it obvious that your work has been copied. You'd probably also have a better shot if there were multiple complaints about the same copycat from different artists.
  5. Has anyone considered deleting old "best sellers" and re-uploading them? It may be worth a shot if you feel like your best images have completely been buried. By doing this, it would give your images some exposure on the "Fresh Content" page for a short period of time at least.
  6. I sell vectors and am also having a much slower start to the month than usual. There could be many reasons why, but since I'll never know, I can only assume that less people have wanted to pay for my work this month. While there could be an algorithm in place that promotes our work more at specific times, I doubt Shutterstock would "switch off" our portfolios- This would make no sense, as they would also be losing out on sales.
  7. Thanks Jean. This was a good lesson learned for me also. πŸ˜€
  8. Thanks Mirco. I feel awful now for giving out incorrect advice! Please ignore what I said Jules. πŸ˜€
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