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  1. I'm tired of seeing $0.10 everyday.. (although i've leveled up 2 times) Anyone has any other recommended stock photo agency? I must admit that i still feel that SS has much users.. (and the UI for contributor is easy to use) I've tried the followings. Adobe Stock - Too bad no editorial Dreamstime - Still no download, and the uploading UI is just too bad.. iStock - well, low profit too Any other recommendation?
  2. I was told, although i'm in level 3 now, but i will "sometimes" still get $0.10 per download if the user is a very large subscription user (750 images per month or 9000 per year) But "most of my time" i will still get more revenue than before. Hey... all my downloads are mostly $0.10.. Do you mean all users are large subscription user..? Please tell me how to maintain my motivation...
  3. When i was level 2, i got $0.10 per download. Now i'm in level 3, i still get $0.10 per download. Can anyone please tell me why? How was the calculation made..?
  4. So i had more than 100 downloads from Jan-May 2020, should i be in level 2 starting June? My images downloaded in June was $0.10/pc Can you tell me what's the calculation? What is my level? It's so confusing now. If you wanna encourage contributors to post more, at least you can set that the level on 1 Jan are based on the credits on the past one year. And not totally reset it. Everyone has to accept pay cut once a new year starts? Unbelievable..
  5. Yeah, i have many photos which are taken with previous old digital camera, wondering if i could upload or will it sell. Thank!!
  6. Thank you Mark. So in other words, it's not 100% necessary for me to take photo in extra large size as Shutterstock will act on my behalf to enlarge it ! Never know about this. Thank you
  7. I read the following on size problem. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006599?q=size&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 It states there, The supersize option is made available only for images that are 15 MP or less,sorry i just wonder if my photo will becomes blur in supersize. I uploaded image on the following resolution. 2592 px x 1944 px And this is the size L. Shutterstock creates a XL size for my photo, which will be available in 5184 px x 3888 px. Do i need to worry that my picture will looks blur on bigger resolution?
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