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  1. Same here, have also gone through divorce and serious illnesses some years ago. Phil, I promise you that even if it's a hell now, it'll be better in a few months, fight on and get through it. I promise you that your life will be much better soon!
  2. I don't know if the jackdaw sees the sleeping goat like a mate or as food but it seems to be angry
  3. I think chutterstock's own keyword suggestion tool works well, and its for free.
  4. Yes, it would have been better with the horizon further up in the picture. and maybe zoom a bit on the forest so that the forest fills up the picture more. neither the water nor the sky is particularly interesting, it is the forest that is interesting Thank you for your reply Simone!
  5. You're quite right Pamela, there's no room for the customer's text in this picture. I have deleted it from my portfolio and will take a new picture, with more empty space, next time there will be winter here in southern Sweden (we have 4 seasons but many times a year and randomly, LOL). Thank you for your reply!
  6. Yes, you're right Paul, they're quite distracting. especially the left which is more colorful. Thank you for your reply!
  7. Hehe, maybe not my most thoughtful picture! LOL If I add a Christmas Garland, maybe the customers think it's a christmas-mailbox. Think it's better to take a new picture with a clearer Christmas theme. Thanks for your reply Paul.
  8. Thank you Paul! Getting one of my pictures as a magazine cover would be very nice, thanks for the tip!
  9. 50 unique things to photograph no more than 50 feet away from where I'm sitting right now! ... interesting thought, but I did not believe it ... but then I started looking around and easily found 15 things in just a couple minutes. So if I walk around a little in the house, I'll certainly find 50 unique photo objects.Now I just need to plan what to shoot and how.Thank you for the tip and for opening my eyes
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Thanks for your reply. You are right, I have to try to take pictures that are more general, which work for many different areas.I am aware that the money in stock photo is in photos with people in different lifestyle situations. The problem is that I do not know anyone who wants to join a stock photo, they are all worried that their face will be on the promotion of something they personally dislike. If I want to have people in a picture, I have to hire a professional model. It may come in the future but I feel I need to raise the level of my photos first. Meanwhile, I can practice photographing friends and family members in different situations to my private photo album.
  12. I also do not understand why I did not see it when I retouched the photos in photoshop. The horizon to the left is definitely lower than the right side. Thank you for the tip of stretching the image. think it made a big difference! I would be very happy if you would check out my other pictures in my portfolio and give some tips on what to think about in the future. What is good and what I need to practice. Thanks for the help!
  13. Thank you for the hint Laurin! Yes, next time I'll definitely take 2 steps left, out of the car and photograph from knee height.
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