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  1. I kept getting images of the Val D’Orcia in Tuscany rejected even after I pointed out to SS that this was the name of an entire region. I think the name was also used for a villa somewhere hence the rejection. When I removed the name from the title/keywords and replaced it with something more generic, it was approved.
  2. OK so I can update on this. SS got back in touch and have advised the following “I wish to inform you that as per our review team the rejection is valid. Carnival Cruise line ships are not acceptable. Also, P&O Cruises logo and flag are visible.“. They also provided a link to a helpful article entitled “Submitting Content: Images of Vehicles and Transportation” where the relevant section says ““Carnival Cruiseline ships are not acceptable for commercial use, editorial only.” I have now had to go back to them and remind them that these were submitted as editorial and that the rejection reason given was “Non-Licensable Content: We cannot accept this image into our commercial or editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type of content.” which is totally contradictory to their advice. Oh and just to add to the confusion, P&O Ferries has never been owned by Carnival!!!’ Thought I would post this for anyone like me who shoots a lot of editorial transport shots. Watch this space. Meanwhile, I’m just going to break out my tin hat and venture into Parliament Square to shoot the Brexit rally this afternoon. Wish me luck!
  3. It’s on the blog and makes for very interesting reading. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.shutterstock.com/blog/new-eu-copyright-directive-content-creators/amp
  4. Me neither but they’ve been rejected twice which suggests it’s not an error
  5. I have had some images of P&O ferries docked in the port of Dover rejected for the above reason. I have however had one image accepted and also other images of the same ferries in Calais also accepted in the past few days. I can’t see anything in the known restrictions and so I’m stumped (have emailed support which as you know can take a while). I do know that photography is not allowed whilst boarding e.g in the car deck but that didn’t apply to these images. Does anyone have any knowledge of any restrictions around the port of Dover or the company name/logo. Thanks
  6. What were the rejection reasons? I can’t make them out in the image
  7. Great post. Very inspiring. Your use of iPhone is very interesting. How do you prepare your iPhone shots for submission? Do you use the built in editing software or something else? Are there any issues with file sizes?
  8. It won’t let me in at all this morning. Crashes straight away.
  9. Two weeks does seem a long time. I’ve been waiting since Sunday for some commercial images to be approved and I’m gnashing my teeth lol.
  10. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support. In the past 4 hours I have had 6 sales drop in so I was clearly worrying over nothing (although if I went for the conspiracy theories that you see here sometimes I might think that SS saw my email and flicked the switch back on ? )
  11. I have been a contributor for 18 months and my Port has reached 1140 Images. Sales have been rising slowly and unspectacularly. The last two months have been the best ever with 52 and 57 downloads respectively and no dot weekdays. My last sale was recorded on 26th September. After that, nothing, zero, zilch, nada, niente. New images are still being accepted, my images still appear in search results, there has been no mention of anyone else having a problem and yet here I am with suddenly a whole week with no sales. Surely, statistically, that can’t be right? I’d like to think that there are sales but there is a problem with writing them to my account. I have emailed Shutterstock support today so I hope they can identify and deal with any issue. Has anyone else ever heard of a similar problem?
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