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  1. Hi folks, I know someone will ask me "Again?" because I'm here because of reviewer problems all the times. SS probably greatest visual stock platform in the world but still, it's surprising me, how or why do not taking action for reviewer quality. Friday I upload some mockups. I totally forgot about clicking "illustration" button. But they came back with "illustration" issue and "intellectual property" it was iPhone and Macbook mockups but there was no logo, sign, tag or something. You know, it's not illegal to publish Macbook mockup, if you don't put "Macbook" sign in to the title, tag, description. It's just a notebook mockup with tags, description, etc I said, ok it's probably a bad day of the reviewer. I spend my hour, upload, fill desc, same tags, etc, etc and send it again with illustration option. Today ALL contents just rejected with "No exist 3D title" but there was no "intellectual property" reason So Why previous rejection does not contain "3D title" reason and why the last rejection does not contain "intellectual property" ? I know you re gonna tell me "Hey if you have a 3D render, you should put 3D render title" - I know! The problem is, there were just too many mockups I upload and very less of them was 3D If even reviewers don't know the difference of reasons, how we are going to spend hours to trust of "Shutterstock corporate structure bla bla things" Shutterstock have to do something about it! They have no rights to blow our efforts and hours. What do you think?
  2. I'm really sick of tired of this. There must be a report option for lazy reviewers idiotic review method. This content (like other 45 uploads) rejecting from yesterday. I think they re too stupid to mention multiple rejection reasons. Every single time they coming back for the different reasons so you will waste of your time because of an idiot! I hope the reviewer who rejection of this second time reading this: "I hope you'll born in hell!" Shutterstock must work on it. This is why this platform looks like the 3rd quality warez sites.
  3. Hi everyone, This is really starting to make me sick. I spend my whole night, I have upload more than 4 GB footages, title it, tag it, giving all effort and someone came up just clicking the rejected button. Why? Probably he/she wanna go home asap.. Reason: Frame Rate / Shutter Speed -- Clip Exhibits issues bla bla. The weird thing is I have upload 16 HD videos %100 same size, FPS, Shutter rates but 15 rejected and 1 approved. Same thing happen yesterday. My footage rejected with same reason but when I upload again, next reviewer approved. I can't believe Shutterstock can't figure this out! We're putting rock effort to create and upload files. Even tagging process took more than 2 hours. But a lazy guy come up and clicking a simple button and BAM your all hours, effords is trash now. That lazy reviewer very lucky to he/she is not face with me in real life. I'm so sorry and angry right now. I'm really beginning to think about I'm in right place or not. Thank you Shutterstock Reviewer! Thank you screwed up my all night. I hope you'll be stuck on traffic for days when you going home...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm very I'm PSD mockup designer and want to publish my non-executive mockups in Shutterstock and I have couple of simple question here; 1- As I see there is no any PSD option on mockup files should I export my PSD files as .TIFF format with editable layers? 2- I check published PSD mockups on Shutterstock. Designer are use just white background and text "Your Design Here" is this Shutterstock format? For example; I always use pictures for preview visuals but remove it in PSD files. What kind a format I should follow when I upload my mockups in to Shutterstock? With best best regards, Mehmet
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