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  1. I was drawn to this image because of it's simplicity and I liked the bright white background. Made the fruit look delicious.
  2. I'm having a bad time of it lately too. I always have some rejections in a batch, but not usually as many as in the last week or so. We've just returned from outback Australia and it seems AI cannot distinguish between dried grass and noise (among other things). Very frustrating.
  3. Congratulations. Great port too. I also have been working hard to increase images, now heading towards 12,000. I hope they're decent - I do try hard but for me it's simply a hobby I enjoy
  4. Inge I think that's good news and wouldn't worry about it. Good to hear you're getting sales (sorry about the lousy 10 cents).
  5. I've found Topaz Denoise very helpful for eliminating noise and sharpening.
  6. Am I right in assuming Shutterstock are a little more lenient with acceptance on editorial? I feel this is so as I seem to get less rejections on editorial.
  7. Hi, Apologies if I'm off topic I joined SS in 2017 but due to work commitments didn't upload much at all until mid 2018. I submit to 12 other sites and while I won't pretend the effort equals the income I don't mind because it's my hobby and I love it. We do have a niche - a 3 word search on SS will bring up the first 7 pages of which all are our images. And I do 'repurpose' some images (use them in different ways). But I won't go into that here because it's definetly off topic (sorry Thijs).
  8. Yes that was his topic and I always followed with interest. My goal was to overtake his 10,000 images and I've finally done that (only in stills). So he did inspire me
  9. I've been uploading continuously since mid 2018 and never knew there was an Illustrative Editorial section for SS. How clueless am I! I've just read the specs and I have to say I understand it better than the Adobe Stock description. I have always uploaded as Editorial (documentry), and of those accepted as such there are many I now realise could have been Illustrative Editorial. But it seems to me SS accepts as Editorial first and foremost as long as the caption is correctly done. Thanks for the insights.
  10. Good point on the keyword spamming, thanks. I'll stop trying to have all the files green and see if I have any improvement.
  11. I always thought that on Alamy it wasn't good to have "images with poor discoverabilty" and that they needed to be in the green with "good or optimized discoverability". Have I been doing that process for nothing? Does it make a difference?
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