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  1. UNsplash most surely makes much less money (how they earn it, by advertisements?) at the expense of photographers, than SS. So it's much less of a robbery. But I don't advertise these platforms, have never uploaded photos to them. I just point out how ridiculous is the argument: "I upload to stock because I want the platform to show off my photos..." Jeez. Make your own website, put your photos on social network galleries, etc.
  2. Of course, your earnings will become even greater when more other photographers will deactivate their portfolios... Won't say anything more, don't want to become rude. Think for yourself, what you're doing, if you can.
  3. I don't understand, why do you think that "a hobby photographer" means "a human without a self-dignity"? I would better share my photos for free on platforms like Visualhunt, Unsplash, etc, than to donate 85% of their earnings to greedy assholes. You "just want a platform to show off your photos", that's why you're still on SS? Why Adobe, Alamy, Depositphotos etc, those free platforms or Flickr can't be your platform? Why exactly the place you're being robbed and ridiculed?
  4. "Compromise"? There is no "compromise" between the shitty earnings we recieved before and the ultra-low-shitty earnings those who have preserved their portfolios recieve now. Regarding to me, I even would consider whether I want to renew my portfolio or not even if SS would go back to the earnings structure which was in force until 31st May, 2020. There shoud be a new, major change in the industry. There is a Facebook group "Stock Submitters coalition" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/261369748434285) where the changes are being discussed. Revolution is on the way (hopefully - with your help)
  5. if they do that, they have to delete all the photos themselves, if we don't pay - they have no rights to force us to pay for something we haven't agreed in the original agreement
  6. other contributors have said here that they just doesn't get money after the purchases...
  7. Well, if that's the case we should catch it somehow... Maybe even by organizing a purchase through someone - and if he still can buy a photo and then we don't recieve any royalty, then we have a basis for a collective action in court, suing SS for fraud and theft and asking for huge compensations.
  8. Speaking honestly, it's not easy to reach customers individually. I have tried to do that, both by offering digital photos downloads and print-on-demand & dropshipping products (through Etsy platform and Printful service). The later option I didn't indulge much of a work because there didn't seem even a smallest perspective. I know there are some people who succeed with these business models, and one can always hope to be between them... but the harsh reality is that, at best, maybe 1 out of 100 is succesful in this way. So I think the best option is to do something collectively, organizing many of us together - either by building a new, honest stock photo site or even easier - trying to join, supply with content and popularize the existing honest ones.
  9. Well, but that means SS is still selling our images even when we have opted out of sales? Isn't it illegal? And do the money also still comes in our accounts, or worse - if we are opted out then SS collects 100% of those customers purchases coming in from Google?? Maybe that's why they aren't troubled at all...
  10. As far as I understand - yes, you can enable selling again at any time, just by clicking "yes" to both options
  11. Now you have 910 images, it seems it's slowly decreasing. I have still all 5277 images active, so no change so far. I also got confirmation e-mail.
  12. Well, don't know how fast the portfolio is deactivated, I opted out just an hour ago myself.
  13. Well, yeah, but then - why some folks still spend tens and even hundreds on Alamy and even more expensive sites?
  14. Well, but what does it mean? It means that exposure is very good there, that there are people who comes and see the photos... Why they didn't buy? Maybe you set too high price?
  15. Don't know, but judging from others experience, currently it is small. I just think this is a moment to support and grow them. Of course, the main problem is - how to add them to Xpiks or similar software support. Then it's doesn't ask for much just to upload together with others (Alamy, Adobe, Depositphotos to name as first). Should have to contact Picfair in order they contact with the developer of Xpiks. Maybe will write them.
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