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  1. Same here. I seem to recall a similar issue a few months ago - took a week or so for it to be sorted - I just stopped uploading until it was.
  2. I got the "files are processing" message - then they just disappeared.
  3. I've had a sale showing on the map, but not in my earnings anywhere for the last 13 hours. No change at all. Any news on when this will be fixed ???
  4. I have a small but slowly growing portfolio, with slow but steady subs sales and the occasional ODD/SOD. My sales don't seem to increase particularly...but I have noticed that, looking at the map, I have had a drop to almost no sales west of Europe. Before, my sales were spread evenly across the globe (with an understandable bias towards UK, my home territory)... Has anyone else seen a noticable regional shift in their sales ?? Also, is it possible to get geographic info on more than the last 10 images ??? Rog
  5. nice photo with loads of memories from my time living in Brighton.
  6. I'm also getting "first time sale" notifications some 24-48 hours after the event !!
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