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  1. Sorry for such bad prices. I got min per clip $0.67. Last month got a lot of sales (my income!) in a range from $12 to $16. Even $60 + came in. Ofcourse; in an 'old' SS, I'd get more, but ... that is the way it is. Good luck with better numbers! Oh, I am far from some top top contributor here ...
  2. I hope next months will be better. I am in March so far at $0.20. :)))) Best of luck, Steven!
  3. You are welcome! Ouch, Steven! :[ My Feb/2021 compare Feb/2020 is 1.09x better. But this is one month. Year is long. For you and for me. To soon to draw any lines. Best wishes, Steven!
  4. Congratulations, Steven! Just ride the wave! Hope both waves for you will be good this month; SS and P5. I have experience, lasting years; clips that were sold on SS had little interest on P5 and vice a versa. 10 years of such experiences.
  5. I see and understand. I hope you will have better sales soon. I'd get, perhaps a few payments in 10 years on SS, having only photos. Having videos, payments are monthly! Good luck!
  6. How about to shoot some video? Suggestion. Idea.
  7. Thank you very much, BlvDone! Congratulations for even better result at your place! Yes, those royalties are great. I agree. I am on a way happy, P5 sells one sort of my clips, SS another. So it is combined some how.
  8. Thank you! I wish your momentum of up, will soon rise for you, Steven! :) Its true for other agencies as well. Ups and downs. Take care. P.
  9. 🙂 You are welcome! Bleak for those $0.10 ...
  10. Hi, Wilm! Thank you very much for your wishes! Appreciated. :) Sharing your hopes. I wish you same; as many as possible god SOD sales; since you are pro artist I do not have any single doubt. :)
  11. O! How did I miss that! I am sorry, Steven! Aplogize! Thank you very much! Hope your numbers will work for you better soon, Steven. I hope. You know, one month up, another down. That is the way it is and that is all.
  12. Great Feb 2021! Just become better as Feb 2020. New record in new structure, a clip for $256 sold out. Got % of it, of course, not complete number! Surprised, surprised ... ---- Mistake! Levels ... Clip was sold for $320! Sorry.
  13. I had a good week on SS! Just keep going, SS. Up to level 3 soon! Clips.
  14. Good start! In first few days, as in complete Jan! Cool!
  15. Disaster. Competition. Corona. New levels. Disaster. Not worth to invest time into stock footage. Better money from real stock investments ... If you invest into stock shares, every one are treated as same in dividends, payouts, etc. If company goes up, your share goes up, if it goes down, you go down to with your investment. Here only top noch contributors gain something. Other are dust makers ... clips making dust on HDDs of agencies and are only for a number that agecy can say: oh, we have millions of clips you might like. Yea, sure! First three, four pages of similar subjects sell, ev
  16. With so big and so pro port stucked in level 3 for months? I can not believe! :(
  17. Agree! We are in times, when a lot of companies are hit by this evil corona. They are still in a good financial shape, but have lost income. When crisis is over, they will slowly restore, and shares that today are cents or pennies, will slowly go up. Ups can be even 2x, 3x or 4x or more. Patience. But it is time to invest and to buy. My $0.67.
  18. One of worst months ever. Not only at SS, in general. Every month is worst. I will barely got for a payment here. Used to got this in an hour of a first day, as now in complete month. Disaster! 😵
  19. Disaster on all platforms ... ----- At SS exactly for 90% down in sales comparing Jan_20/Jan_21. For now ...
  20. My max this month is $13.58 ... others under $5 mostly. Won't see last Jan with max $180. :(
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