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  1. Worst as June. 1/5. Not good. But July's always were nothing special. Cool down, relax and work! Best wishes to all! :)
  2. Beautiful video! https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1031690678-life-bee-ant-during-windy-weather-close Master videos, forget photos ... My opinion ...
  3. That is an insult for great port you have! :(
  4. Good month on SS (top clip sold for $300, SS) as on other agencies.
  5. Once I send into free section a 'shity' clip. XY agency. It generated almost 20K of downloads in 6 months or so. It generated $0.00 for me, ofcourse. But power of free downloads, a number - it says all/a lot.
  6. If it continues as is now, June it will be 'new' BME - under new structure and big drop of sales cross all boards.
  7. Congratulations! But I would and do not stand for AD as almighty agency. It has good RPD, however. It works for some one, it is complete ... for another. Majority of sales are at SS and P5. That is all. :)
  8. Nice boost! That is all I can say for now. 🙂
  9. Congratulations, Steven! Keep rolling on! :)
  10. Many thanks for great suggestions! I will let you know. I have to push my self to action, to shoot something. :) All my old clips are done with much worse camera, D60.
  11. Sales moving up. RPD moving up. At this time from $8 to $10.5/item. Just low volume ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RPD with new sale just jumped up to $11.8/clip. Clips sold on 5 continents. Cool!
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