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  1. As read in last days, Canon will somehow fix the issue for camera overheat to be little better. Otherwise, looking at specs, reading, exploring, etc this is great machinery. IMHO!
  2. Read this about new R5 overheating ... Very interesting reading and it looks as true observation: on short; it looks like firmware is programmed to shut down the camera after ammount of time (says cam does not overheat that much) and prevents its use for some time. Why? Answer is given because R5 can not become lighter C200, C300, C500 of Canon Cinema series. Those are short observations from this article. Overheating is main problem of this camera! https://www.eoshd.com/news/chinese-user-modifies-canon-eos-r5-to-improve-heat-management-but-finds-artificial-firmware-time-limit/ Nothing helps a lot. Camera turns off after programmed time. https://www.eoshd.com/news/eoshd-testing-finds-canon-eos-r5-overheating-to-be-fake-with-artificial-timers-deployed-to-lock-out-video-mode/ And another test: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/8653213690/canon-r5-r6-overheat-claims-tested-stills-shooting-setup-quickly-cut-into-promised-capture-times/2 Camera counts minute of use and there is a must to turn it off after set up ammount of time, given by Canon. 😕 4K, 30 fps - no limit, HD shoots, no limit. Well, if my prehistoric Canon AE 1, that I still own proudly, would have 4K, 8K video capability, I would not switch to any other machinery.
  3. Well, I have hard time to decide what to buy too, for video. I am thankful Mr. Jensen helping me decide. Although I will, as it looks, buy something xy. Hard to decide. From my humble presonal experiences, I am not pro videographer, but hobby one, and I might say had a success doing stock footage (im in for 10 years now), I have done 90% of my clips online with Canon D60. They still do sell! What is on clip is important. You might buy Arri or RED and spend $50K up, and if clips will sucks - no one will noticed cam model. Nature of time is as such bad for videography. But it will be better in time. Cam is important, sure. But if you can shoot idea good - you will won - trust me. 100% proven on myself. Have been looking at this BM too. Good camera! From my pov, IMHO. May some pro corrects me: this cam has a lot of resolutions, great codecs, etc. - fault, as I see, is very low Mbps rates per resolution and it would mean it stores low amount of data per second of clip. Am I correct? Dislike this low mbps in my old D60 ...
  4. Many warm thanks Steve! :) I had same wishes for your sales! :)
  5. Much better! :) Trending at $32 right now, 2 clips sold. Thank you!
  6. Come on! I'd like to get rid of that nasty $00.00 ... :(
  7. Great work! True stock footage work! :) In best years for microstock (2012 to 2017) you would get much more ...
  8. In my best years here, my income was close to 4 digits and always 3 digits per month. With about 5-6K clips at that time. I still own 4 digit income, but now looks like: $00.00. I had great sucess with technology clips worldwide. As far as new gear ... I'm looking at new R5, EOS, Canon. Substitute for my old EOS 60D. Possibly new RED Komodo. Who knows. Or just stay with my good old 60D.
  9. I have found peace with my $0.00 on SS account. :) Not a lot to be done. I've been building my port for almost 10 years. I can not change my work, equipment, structure of clips, my style in a week, month. Perhaps for a long time. Customers that download my work widely are gone. Just having a hope they will return. :)
  10. It is fine camera. It costs a lot. But it is good one. It has problem with overheating, as I read. But nice one. I have old Canons, so this one impressed me.
  11. $0.00 ..... My port is out of SS library. Out of sales, out of everything. Sales here were pretty good, excellent, before this SS management destroyed them with brilliant ideas and new plans, structure earnings, sub systems and all really brilliant decissions. SS for me is just another corner agency, not worth to upload and work for any more. Very sad! And, yes, I know: it is not just management fault, it is Corona, summer, my outdated clips, equipment, etc. - I know! Just have slight hope it will be better in time ...
  12. You are welcome! Yes, it is pointless. Sad. :(
  13. What an image port you have! Splendid! I've noticed you are video specialized too. Very, very nice. Wish you best with your work.
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