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  1. Sales arrow up. Slowly catching Sept. t.y. :)
  2. Agree. It has a lot to do with bad economy and bad sales of our products and so on and so on.
  3. As it looks now, Oct will be catastrophe ... at all agencies. 😯
  4. Agree with you. It is a sneaky virus and it will do anything to survive. Mutate, jump to another mammal, who knows what. Personally I do not like vaccine, since so much has been told about all sorts of them, developing now. Perhaps natural antibodies are better idea. Stay healthy!
  5. You are welcome! My P5 is super slow too. To a many more sales, Steven!
  6. Congratulations, Steven! Better than 0.
  7. I am at about 25% of Sept. Numbers of Sept and Oct are still far away from top months, years before. 2015-2018 or so. Far away! But in this situation, every sale is great! Fingers crossed.
  8. We do wear masks. Every day, when we are in a group of people, closed public space. Washing, desinfecting hands, etc. Corona is getting back very fast, here in EU! A lot of countries have similar outcome, even with a lot of restrictions.
  9. Did search now. A few of them. Mostly withouth any good idea with high impact. I think. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/dice%2C-letter?rid=818722
  10. Thank you. Guess not. Dices should have letters on. You would only move those that are now held by fingers and simply move them forward, backward. Slowly, gently. Even 120 fps at 4K would be superior looking. Postproduction can be done later; guess photos are postproduced too. So - bingo. I think. I did not search for videos with similar thematics. If and how many of them exist. 4K and HD would have fine outcome, guess.
  11. I am not sure if this will help you. But I have seen your photos in many German Internet Stores. And yours are way better! IMHO. Hope it will work better for you, than for any copycats! Have you ever think shoot clips with exact same photos, only you would add some motion - turn dice back, front, etc.? An very interesting clip would come out, I think. If you will, I would humble suggest you to use top equipment (camera) so your work will hardly be copied. Like RED digital cinema camera. Even used one. Perhaps this is stupid idea, perhaps not - who knows! Best wishes, Frank!
  12. Agree! I kind of understand you now, why you hide your port ...
  13. That is why superior contributors are not involved in forums like that. On almost any of agencies I am in. Nothing personal! I wrote this generally.
  14. Thank you! I agree with you. We all work for money. If money is not present here any more, we will go. So far, as I see and calculated, average is OK. We shall see what future brings. Best wishes!
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