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  1. Not so bad. Not so superior. 🙂
  2. My earnings are same as before. I only have big problem and solving it now; push the ' , ' to the right side of my earning number! 😆
  3. Agree! Disaster is to small word for this DISASTER ...
  4. Thank you! All the same to you!
  5. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, true. Half of the month is on its way. You never know. 10 dnlwd is good per one day. Congratulations! And I agree: couple of good sales and month is back. I agree! Hope we will be able to say this at the end of April. All the best! :)
  6. Disaster. March was so-so. Now not even $3 so far ... All boards down! April used to be top-top-top month. Now it is one big sh...
  7. Little better during weekend. Up.
  8. Agree. We are in the 3th wave. EU. Health first, all other next.
  9. Almost same report here ... Bleak!
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