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  1. My new content on other sites. The Titanic drowned.
  2. Shutterstock Hello! This is the correct calculations? How can I find out what kind of subscription customers use most often? Income is very different depending on the client subscription. I need to know.
  3. Shutterstock what are you doing with us? Recent changes make me worry. Please add a file filter for vector and raster. And add sorting by date.
  4. There is a problem in the mobile version of the site for the Russian language. The "Векторные изображения" category takes up all the space in the search bar. Just write "Вектор". Thank.
  5. I used to load the eps + jpeg 25 mp (400 ppi). Buyers who do not work with the vector format, previously could buy a high-resolution jpeg, and also could use the "Shutterstock Editor" to create large images. Now Shutterstock deprived buyers of this opportunity. If I want a raster copy to be of high resolution, then I need to create an artboard of a vector file of 5000x5000 pixels - this will be insane! Accordingly, now the "Shutterstock Editor" will be used by fewer people, and this means that the cash income will also decrease. Jeff, please answer, am I saying correctly?
  6. Failing to understand why you are doing this is killing me. If there was a task to simplify the loading of vectors, then you did not simplify, but complicated. Jeff, put yourself in our place. Try every step, from creating a complex vector, to downloading it to different stock sites (the authors upload their work to at least five stock sites, using special software for downloading) and you will understand why the new 4 MP requirements are very bad. For me, the main disadvantage is an extra waste of time for creating a separate large vector file for Shutterstock. Shutterstock was my favorite, but now I'm not so sure. Please return the old method of loading vectors.
  7. Shutterstock, is there really no way to create a large raster preview without increasing the vector size to 4mp? Or is this whole process directed to other goals? Be honest with us so that we would understand. Answer please.
  8. Even this only plus for the authors does not make sense. Authors will still create a preview file for other stock sites. It turns out that there are no pluses, only minuses.
  9. The proposed Shutterstock option to reduce the weight of complex eps files work. Try it. But the description and keywords will have to register manually. The proposed option of adding metadata to the eps file will not be used by anyone, because it is valid only for one file and not for a group of files.
  10. Automatic creation of a file preview does not make sense, since the authors themselves create a preview file for uploading to other stock sites.
  11. Чтобы иметь денежную прибыль авторы грузят свои работы на несколько разных стоков. Внося изменения и увеличивая eps файл до 4MP вы заставляете авторов делать двойную работу. Например на бигстоке максимальный размер eps файла 25 мегабайт. Любой сложный eps файл при размере 4MP, c использованием инструмента бленда и с использованием световых режимов наложения, будет весить больше 25 мегабайт. Шаттерсток, не будь эгоистом. Если вам так надо чтобы превью создавалось автоматически, то сделайте это так чтобы авторам не приходилось увеличивать eps файл до 4MP. Google translate: To have a cash profit, the authors load their works on several different stocks. By making changes and increasing the eps file to 4MP, you are forcing the authors to do double work. For example, on a Bigstock, the maximum eps file size is 25 megabytes. Any complex eps file with 4MP size, using the blend tool and using light blending modes, will weigh more than 25 megabytes. Shutterstoсk, do not be selfish. If you need it so that the preview is automatically created, then do it so that the authors do not have to increase the eps file to 4MP.
  12. Shutterstock customers will not buy vector images with more weight. Why do they need it? They can buy the same picture, but with a small weight, from competitors, for example on adobe or istock. No one wants to waste time and money on meaninglessly large files.
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