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  1. They turned on my portfolio without my permission! Guys CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS you have to repeat turning off each 30 days now! Scam
  2. But the answers were provided a couple of pages ago: "You're losers, feel free to withdraw your portfolios, we don't need you we need WINNERS - people who never complain and agree to be robbed" and some pure lie about thinking about amount of money on high levels while in fact people with maximum level reported huge losses in profits already. So the official answer was "we don't need you we have 300 mil and will go away with it, by the way you're stupid as kids and will believe our primitive obvious proven lie"
  3. It shows us again: SS administration is desperate. They feel the damage. Yes, they're shutting the protests. Alamy may become number one in months.
  4. Agree, even is, SS dehumanized contributors and contributors should dehumanize them. After all, stealing one's last income to feed salary of 600-800 thousands dollar employees and send payroll trolls on forum for damage control isn't a human deed.
  5. I see there are two SS's employees trying to make an agenda for statement and news. This is a very popular totalitaristic politic trick is called 'objective journalism': 1) When a statement is about to come and there is nothing to say, government hires or call for relatives to help, about 2 persons are enough. 2) Then two rats are telling absolute nonsense which is government's official position. Nobody believes they're being serious. But it's not the point. 3) Pro-government mass media write down the articles like 'There was a public conversation, for example, Person 1 (quote)
  6. This is THE problem. All of my sales were 0.10, tens of them, I had to disable account. 5 times less money than one week ago! 10 times less money compare to pre-corona period!
  7. They commented that yes, there is no mistake and each author's rank will be reset on January and yes, you will get less money to be more clear about the situation. somewhere on the first pages, then they laughed at 'those uploaders' and went into vacation. No responses since. Why talk to slaves?
  8. I have a good solution how to reward performance with greater earnings potential! Every one key manager in Shutterstock and any kind of senior employee, instead of getting insane $500'000+ salaries, start each January as a toilet cleaner or a lowest rank security guard with an appropriate salary and big perspectives! Think about millions of dollars you can save on this. They think, this is a good idea for us, but they missed this big opportunity inside the company! 2/3 of my portfolio already disappeared (sometimes shows more, sometimes less, buggy), sooner it will be gone... Have no
  9. I agree: we can't demand, you don't know the situation, some people need to eat and they have no any jobs. Sadly, my income become 10+ times worse if compare to pre-corona period and now I cut off this joke. But if someone has money from SS which is enough for surviving I wish them good luck. They aren't enemies. Just people in need. I wish I could have at least something, too. But no.
  10. Did you ask me or something? I disabled the sales so 0% maybe be sold, my entire portfolio soon will disappear from search, right now it should show error while trying to buy.
  11. And nothing can be sold cause of gap between disabling and hiding from live. You know nothing but make cringe here.
  12. I disabled my portfolio, where did you get the information that I didn't?
  13. Thanks, I don't think I'm a pile of trash now, thanks for your answers. Sadly, Shutterstock thinks I'm a pile of trash, so I have about 3 dollars per day now. Not enough to pay my rent, I don't want to be homeless... There is cold on the streets
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