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  1. SHOW your latest download
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  3. Your latest downloaded illustration
  4. I laughed, but someone else might not.

    hahahahah it so funny, maybe th contrbuttor must texting in description if it's not same as allied
  5. All photos rejected for File Transfer Error!!!

    same with me, and i try to reupload 3rd and it same, maybe the site has error
  6. First nine days of December. Zero sales.

    have you complete your keyword and promotion in social media?
  7. Surgery tomorrow...

    I hope you get well soon, and back in your activity, God with us
  8. 360 software for a non-360 camera?

    360' camera worked in Shutterstock ?? i must try it
  9. Latest rejection

    my experience if i'm not using english text, i usually make description has the translation in english and never worried it will reject from SS. I think when it is in english, it make so easy to marketing our Image
  10. SHOW your latest download
  11. Do you edit all you pictures?

    sure, i will edit my photo to erase the noise
  12. if the file eps too large, make it (artboard) being just a little, I make 5cm x 5cm (minimal) and save to eps 10 or eps 8, so the size of file being decrease (Size of file when you upload must be < 14 mb. I hope it can help you
  13. Beginner video editing software?

    adobe premiere maybe