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  1. The book is a short story collection about the author's experiences...not educational. Unfortunately, I don't know what stock agency was the photo downloaded from (at least I couldn't find any credits in the Amazon excerpts). The biggest problem, in my view, is that the photo depicts a landmark that is prohibited by SS for commercial use (and they are very strict with this place so maybe they received complaints) On all the stock websites where I contribute, the photo is posted as editorial, but I'm afraid that I am still exposed as they can easily do a reverse search and find me as the author.
  2. I found one of my editorial photos used as a book cover, only that I have no idea where it was downloaded from. Do you have any idea how to proceed in this case?
  3. Did you try in the Personalize my portfolio, under portfolio URL to put yuicolour ? (this is what appears in the link that works)
  4. I can't open the IOS app, on both my Iphone and my Ipad. It crashes immediately. I deleted the app from my my Ipad and reinstalled it and there was no improvement.
  5. @Kate Shutterstock I can see now the categories for the pending images. Thanks!
  6. @Alex ShutterstockAnd one more error: when I look in pending at what I submitted it appears as if I had not picked any category. Hope the reviewer see something else. For example ID: 1184428195
  7. Hey, I haven't seen this topic before posting an error in Technical Issues It seems that I can't choose Transportation from the list of Categories...
  8. So it seems that now there are 2 categories that you can assign to your photo, but unfortunately there is an error and I can't choose "Transportation". Is this category being eliminated?
  9. +1 @Alex Shutterstock Also, on the buyers' side, if you search a term you get results, but when you click on a photo you can't see the author or "Similar Images" (so the fact that the catalog manager is not loading is affecting both contributors and buyers)
  10. +1 ....also no new sales in the last at least 4 hours... Are you experiencing the same? @Alex Shutterstock any update on this issue?
  11. A few hours ago the total earnings for today stopped updating with the new sales that can be seen in the detailed view. It is the same with the other earnings aggregating figures. Is there someone else experiencing this? The map and the detailed earnings seem to be ok. @Alex Shutterstock is this temporary? Are you looking into it?
  12. My photos have never appeared immediately. For example today, I received the app notification that they have been reviewed 35 min ago (and I can see that they have been approved) but they have not made it to the Catalog Manager yet.
  13. It takes a little bit for them to get into the Catalog Manager. You can see immediately if they have been approved in the mobile app.
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