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  1. Very bad photo and the problem is you don't even realize when a photo is bad... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ Troll
  2. Oh look at those troll... Its something you will never see.
  3. I'm surprised ss accepts images that look like that. Actually I'm not surprised anymore and i hope that's the quality the will have from now on...
  4. You are a big troll. You are on ss payout to make everything look better and if you are not that's even worst because your images are below mediocre... And that's a fact.
  5. And would you ever see a sale like that on shuttershit? I had this twice the last year in Alamy. How many photos i have to sell here to match that? I lost count... Lol I'm not flexing, I'm trying to get people to delete their account here and move along. Hell I'm not even good of a photographer and i only have a 2000 portfolio. Anyone can do it... Get out of Shutterstock now...
  6. Exactly that. I don't say that anyone's photo worth 33ยข, not even 99 but still way better than shuttershit. Let's hope they don't follow suit...
  7. Thanks Adobe Stock and thanks shuttershit for pushing me away. That's 100 times better. Even if you bring your 25ยข back you won't seeing me again. You can stick up your fat arse...
  8. And there are these people... What can someone say?
  9. I have already. Two days ago and i posted a screenshot. Have you?
  10. These photos definitely worth more than 10ยข. Hell they worth more than 35ยข
  11. And something else... I deactivated my account yesterday. We my images are still active?
  12. People need to stop complaining and deactivate their account. That's the only language they speak. Don't feed shutterstock anymore. We need to punish them...
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