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    I had a similar issue and the only thing that managed to recover some of my photos was Testdisk 7.1.It`s very good and it`s free. Never the less i don`t want to disappoint you but the most of the times is hard to get all your images back. Good luck!
  2. The same for me. Twice i tried to upload model releases and twice the same problem. "Corrupted Release File -- Release file is corrupt or will not open properly." I give up...
  3. Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll look at it.
  4. Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    Thanks guys.I`m trying to find some reviews on youtube about both your recommendations. Does anyone owns any of these lenses? Thanks again.
  5. RESOLVED - Site Issues

    The same,looks unstable at the moment.
  6. RESOLVED - Site Issues

    Yep, it`s back.That was quick and i actually made a sale while it was down.Lol Can we do that more often please .
  7. Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    Hi there , Can someone please recommend an ultra wide lens for crop sensor? I have the Nikon D7200 and i`m on a tide budget so i`m looking for one of the 3rd party lenses,like Sigma,Tokina or Tamron. Thanks in advance. Dimitris
  8. RESOLVED - Site Issues

    Completely dead..Lol
  9. RESOLVED - Site Issues

    Thanks for letting us know.Just witnessed the issue.
  10. Model release question

    Thank you very much Linda. Appreciate your help.
  11. Model release question

    Hi everyone, I have a question about model releases. Unfortunately i don't own a scanner. Can i take a photo of the release with my phone and send it this way or it has to be scanned? Thanks in advance. Dimitris
  12. Portfolio dissapeared

    Same here,shows 0 images.