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  1. hopefully you got your 10 cents.
  2. In the uncropped image there's a small shrub that's out of focus in the foreground. That's usually enough to be automatically disqualified these days.
  3. Sometime last year I uploaded about 300 photos (some of which were best sellers) to see how they did. The downloads came but just pennies for your troubles. As others mentioned, they have 2 extremely annoying features that make uploading there a complete waste of time: 1. Any photo with a human being seems to require a model release, whether it's an arm, a person in a bokeh background, the back of a head, etc. It will all be rejected. 2. The stupid keyword guessing game is beyond dumb whose function seems hellbent on wasting contributors' time. Enter "girl" and it wants to have you choose "girls". Enter "friend" and it wants you to choose "group of friends". No thanks.
  4. ~20% less. If it weren't for 2 big sales at the end of the month it would've been worse.
  5. I've made more with AS than SS consistently over the last 6 months. It's remarkable despite far fewer images and the limitations of Illustrative Editorials.
  6. Use the clone stamp tool in PS to remove the swoosh logo from those Nikes and that should take care of editorial rejection.
  7. you must be new here..... the faster you upload images the faster they can be rejected. This frees up your day to do other things like wipe your nose. Feed the cat. Take a nap. Any of these things are worth more than the 10 cents SS now pays out.
  8. I wrote this in another thread: If the commission is 10 cents, put in 10 cents worth of effort. For some this may result in uploading 1 photo a month. Maybe nothing. It's painfully obvious by now that one of SS's goals is to limit/decrease the size of their library. Contributors that buy into the "feed the beast" mentality are certainly welcome to upload heavily sanitized images (often multiple times) in hopes some will make it past the rejection firewall. Personally, 10 cents isn't worth the time it takes to fire up photoshop.
  9. They blocked me too from their facebook page. Guess they got mad I called them out for their laughable "OMG Everyone!!! Look how WOKE we are!!!" BS posts.
  10. Microstock has steadily trended downward for years. As long as there are people willing to sell their photos for pennies on the dollar SS will continue to pay slaves' wages. Yesterday it was 38 cents. Today it's 10 cents. Tomorrow 4 cents? Maybe a bowl of soup. I think it's only a matter of time before AS does something similar. Anyway Shutterstock's door is always open for kids with iPhones, beginners, hobbyists, and desperate people from developing countries. I think this is where they're headed in the future.
  11. That comes pretty close to summing up my involvement in stock
  12. I think we can play SS's game by looking at this from a different angle. By drastically slashing already low commissions surely SS doesn't expect the same effort from its contributors. Let's think outside the box! For those choosing to stick this out I have some submission suggestions: 1. Smartphone pictures- Scan that iPhone for passable material and submit it in your free time! Maybe you have an old iPhone in a drawer somewhere from a few years back. Surely there are images that could be accepted! 2. Entry level DSLR- I'm not talking about the camera in your bag right now. (Save those images for AS) I'm talking about the entry level Canon Rebel you practiced with years ago. The Nikon D3100 gathering dust in your storage closet. Head to Amazon and purchase some memory cards and a battery for it! 3. Existing RAW files- If you insist on submitting images using your current DSLR submit the minimum resolution. 5 megapixels, maybeeeee 6? By reducing the file size you also reduce the chance your submission will be rejected for grain or focus. 4. Post process- Make sure your editing efforts are brief as possible. Don't worry too much about color.....creative agencies can adjust that themselves. Exposure is more important. If visible dust is on the sensor, simply scrap it and move onto another file. 5. Contribute less- If your time is worth 10 cents, by all means, "feed the beast". Ask yourself if you'd be willing to spell check legal documents for a $1 payout per document. If the answer is NO, consider decreasing contributions to SS. This not only frees up time you could use to be productive but spares SS the hassle of hosting millions of files.
  13. I've been on fineartamerica/pixels.com for maybe 5 1/2 years now. It's a place to host some of my images for my website and sell the occasional prints but not a significant source of income. The yearly fee pays for itself some years....sometimes it doesn't. Just my experience. I think those searching for an income stream to make up for SS's recent bag over the head will be deeply disappointed.
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