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  1. Submit a few photos of some erections. See what he comes back with.
  2. I uploaded a revised W-9 form for taxes.............it was rejected for noise.
  3. If you're going to be paid out 10 cents for your troubles, I suggest 10 cent effort: 1.) First, put your Canon or Nikon away. 2.) Thumb through some vacation photos from a few years back; the ones you took with your iPhone. 3.) Reduce the size to 6 or 7MP in Photoshop. 4.) Keyword sparingly. 5.) Upload a small handful and see if they're accepted. Rinse. Repeat.
  4. SS will seem like a bar of gold compared to the couch change thrown at your feet by i-Stock.
  5. You could fish for coins at the bottom of a fountain. Far less trouble than all the work you'll put in for 10 cents. There's also my Uncle Frank: He has this huge brown couch that looks terrible but there's probably loads of loose change within its cushions.
  6. Hi Laura. So you've got a few things going against you if making money was your reason for joining: 1.) For starters, I agree with Steve's assessments above concerning image quality, subject, composition, lighting, etc. If someone asks if you're familiar with post processing software like Photoshop or LIghtroom, it's usually a polite way of saying your images need them. It's definitely not an insult though, as all of us started somewhere. I would add it helps to shoot in RAW + JPEG so you can have better control over your images. 2.) You have very few images in your portfolio. Maybe you're testing the waters to see if anything trickles in before uploading more? The way things are now, I would aim to submit around 1000 images. If they are successful it could lead to a monthly payout of maybe $5 - $10 which leads me to #3... 3.) Unfortunately SS has slashed contributors' royalties by a pretty steep margin. This has been discussed at great lengths already so I won't beat a dead horse talking about that. All I'll say is things have gotten so bad that many long contributors have packed up and left. Others have frozen their portfolios in hopes that commissions will be restored to reasonable levels. A good deal have stopped uploading anything new altogether. 4.) Rejections are simply ridiculous. Most of what you submit will most likely be rejected by AI for focus or noise regardless of the content. The advice around here used to be to resubmit a few days later and "voila". I don't know what kind of free time you have on your hands but It'd probably be better spent doing something else: cutting grass, driving for Uber or Lyft, delivering pizzas. You'd make more money simply asking strangers for cash at a gas station. This used to be a place where you could make a nice bit of income.......enough to make you want to keep uploading. Today it's a depressing collection of contributors who've had the rug yanked out from underneath them. A place full of memories. Imagine being 30 minutes late for a huge department meeting. Your an entire department has learned their positions have just been eliminated in a merger. The boss you've been so chummy with for years is nowhere to be found. Some have already stormed out of the conference center in anger. Most of them have sad looks on their faces as they stand in a long line to collect severance/stockholder packets. A few can't hide the tears of agony running down their cheeks. Yesterday they all had jobs. They had vacations planned. They talked about the weekend's best games in the break room. Retirements to look forward to. Kids' high school graduations. Weddings too. And now it's all over.......just like that. Imagine walking in on that. This is what SS is like today.
  7. You'd be surprised by how many people aren't aware of what it means to shoot on private property or public. I've been told many times over the years to put my gear away when they, in fact, had no right. Private property in most instances is certainly off limits. Where things get muddy is when someone who appears to have some sort of authority believes they are correct in asking you to leave. Example: A local mall decked to the nines for Christmas. Everyone inside with their phones out happily snapping pictures of decorations, taking selfies, photographing kids on santa's lap. All fine and good. But a stock photographer doing the same thing? Well, clearly he's either a pervert or a violator of some kind. Surely a security guard will come up to you and ask you to leave, regardless of your intentions. Drone photographers are frequently harassed or told to leave by officials who simply state "private property, you have to go now" even though the photographer is abiding by all the rules. Similar scenario with tripods: who gets to use them and where. (and who decides?) One night security allows you to shoot near the Louvre with a tripod and the next you're asked to put it away. Different people interpret the rules differently or just enforce what they think the rules should be. How you choose to handle this is another story. If you're in the right, you can present some form of documentation in your defence when confronted. It's usually easier to simply pack up and go somewhere else though.
  8. hopefully you got your 10 cents.
  9. Sometime last year I uploaded about 300 photos (some of which were best sellers) to see how they did. The downloads came but just pennies for your troubles. As others mentioned, they have 2 extremely annoying features that make uploading there a complete waste of time: 1. Any photo with a human being seems to require a model release, whether it's an arm, a person in a bokeh background, the back of a head, etc. It will all be rejected. 2. The stupid keyword guessing game is beyond dumb whose function seems hellbent on wasting contributors' time. Enter "girl" and it wants to have you choose "girls". Enter "friend" and it wants you to choose "group of friends". No thanks.
  10. ~20% less. If it weren't for 2 big sales at the end of the month it would've been worse.
  11. I've made more with AS than SS consistently over the last 6 months. It's remarkable despite far fewer images and the limitations of Illustrative Editorials.
  12. Use the clone stamp tool in PS to remove the swoosh logo from those Nikes and that should take care of editorial rejection.
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