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  1. Sohn Gottes

    The most popular egg in the world

    Yeh it is in news Congrats
  2. Sohn Gottes

    How are your video sales doing?

    Don't tell me that 😲
  3. Sohn Gottes


    Recently I also received an Direct message at my twitter claiming to be an old age woman suffering from cancer and "she" (Fishing account) asked me if she can trust me as she wish to donate 5 million US dollar for christian missionary work. That account asked me my email ID. But I flatly denied here sharing any information and requested if she is real search any one else more desirable for her Holy work in God's service. Had I shared my email ID I could have been in your situation.
  4. Sohn Gottes

    hello place help me.

  5. Sohn Gottes

    SHOW your latest download

    Man I have honey at my home and a spoon too. You took this photo with just a spoon and a pinch of honey with this much detail. Every one have this much at their home.
  6. Sohn Gottes

    What's the deal with FT and AS merging?

    I Think Two separate website FT and AS was generating lot of confusion among buyer and contributor both. Both website share but the method was also very complicated technically and in other needed ways. Hence they feel need to close FT completely so that every one including website owner can focus on work rather answering and shorting something useless objectives.
  7. Sohn Gottes

    Do 4K and HD frame grabs sell as images?

    dpi should not be a problem even anyway. While giving print command the software asks print paper size and then it fit the print image on selected paper size. dpi is important for printers. I mean to say a printer able to print 20 dpi can not print 2000 dpi.
  8. Sohn Gottes

    Do 4K and HD frame grabs sell as images?

    dpi stands for dots per inch. For video that is irrelevant. A 4k monitor will have resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels or anything like 3840 x 2160 irrespective of monitor size whether it is 10' or 3' or 120'.
  9. Sohn Gottes

    Long waiting times for approval

    Correction Rejected not deleted. AND What else all those approved at AS.
  10. Sohn Gottes

    Long waiting times for approval

    + 5 illustrations deleted in one Go.
  11. Sohn Gottes

    Has your information been compromised

    I think they means "this data which was compromised already available elsewhere may at some pirate torrent website or so it is already made public some one who knows and intended to know can search and download it from there easily." So this question "why they show others data" is become irrelevant here. They only wants to tell if our data is compromised. I Think your question is about "if in case some one have a secret email or social media account that he/ she wants not to known by some one." But still no one will know as there are thousands of people sharing same name.
  12. Sohn Gottes

    Has your information been compromised

    ghostproject reflect no results for my email ID. Others i don't bother.
  13. Sohn Gottes

    Has your information been compromised

    enter your email ID
  14. Sohn Gottes

    Has your information been compromised

    Yeh I found one at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ It shows it happened at one travel booking website in 2013 which contained my address, DOB etc. the data was compromised to some website https://vigilante.pw/. You can see at this website.