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  1. Sohn Gottes

    Microstock collapse?

    Valid point Jason
  2. Sohn Gottes

    SS should delete images with no sales

    I did not mean to underexposed in sense of light I mean images did not get enough view because of thousands of images that is why I also used "undiscovered".
  3. Sohn Gottes

    SS should delete images with no sales

    Here I have a point. I think the buyer has bought this image so that I can post in your forum. I uploaded this image 6 months ago. downloaded first time yesterday. There are so many uploads that images get lost. In fact it came into my mind and I was thinking of writing to SS @Alex Shutterstock the following implementation in search: 1) In popular search view please provide drop down shorting of images as popular images a) uploaded during last 6 months b) uploaded during last 1 year c) uploaded during last 2 years d) all time popular 2) Doing reviewing for a long time reviewers definitely get idea of which image is different and not a possible spam and should shell and how many chances an images have to have a sale. While reviewers review a file they may short them in some categories (SS internally) depending upon their gut feel if in case an images with higher grade did not sale and lost in between thousands of images. An new category may be provided for such images may be called "Images that did not get enough expose they deserve/ Undiscovered".
  4. Sohn Gottes

    504 gateway timeout

    same here
  5. Sohn Gottes

    Suggestions for new contributor?

    Nice port. My port is even no where close to your port. Just I missed one thing in your port "Human beings". I think that can add wings to your sales.
  6. Sohn Gottes

    Software that can export 4k / 60fps video

    Welcome and I forget if you need graphic I think no one can beat Blender. Just give a try.
  7. Sohn Gottes

    Maybe you have an advice for . Im very of need it.

    Mihailin, I am also new not an Honorable expert. As already specified once image approved they are already out for sale. Publishing sets is different stuff. I had also uploaded many image of flowers no one sold. Hence stopped uploading flowers. they are too many. When I visited your profile my first impression was Why you shoot these objects? I am referring to those macro images of ball pen, old wire, dirty key ring. hairs on them dirt sticky looks weird and creepy. Weird and creepy is not problem and they may sell. but why are these for. Just wants to add wire old why one download is it showing any wear and tear or it showing any ageing effect or it showing poor quality or is it showing effect of short circuit. People buy Happiness not pain. Shoot Happiness and beauty.
  8. Sohn Gottes

    Software that can export 4k / 60fps video

    I think you should read ffmpeg command lines help. It is free & extremely faster. Just initial understanding the command line helps needed. Once understand so easy. I have tried many free/ opensource software. But find ffmpeg command much useful.
  9. Sohn Gottes

    One more issue in Videos

    Same video showing twice in profile.
  10. Sohn Gottes

    New Extremely Creepy Problem / Bug

    After refreshing a few time my images came back.
  11. Now I am seeing new extremely creepy problem/ Bug. You Won't Believe. take deep breath before reading below. I am seeing someone else's images in my catalogue. Some image No. 33405148 & 1010372885 and other. But these images not opening in editor and shutterstock search. @alexshutterstock
  12. Sohn Gottes

    Hard work, low number of downloads

    Simone I had nothing like Rule of Third in my mind.... When I saw this tree (Laughing) I remembered that tree and elephant shot that sold 50 times. Soo. (laughing) I thought ask him to open extend the image on right hand side if in case there is an elephant. 😂 Sorry Highmepictures for steeling your post. The rule of third was getting serious.
  13. Sohn Gottes

    Hard work, low number of downloads

    See This ..... I am also new not an expert. But I think this looks better with some space. More expert view.