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  1. Did SS asked you for separate IP address for opening an account. I think you are thinking far - far in deep for no reason. SS ask only for ID and for sure two different people do have separate ID's.
  2. Sohn Gottes

    Added to 5 lightrooms on your phone App

    I use PC browser do not use mobile app. I had many times images jumping up the popular list. Some images jump up to first row without any sale. But the fact many of them never sold till now.
  3. Sohn Gottes


    I Think you won't be alone. Many may have committed such mistakes earlier. wait for reply from SS and it is good you have posted here. Some one may share experience. Good Luck
  4. Sohn Gottes

    Shotcut software - failed renders

    Patrick What do you use Windows or Linux I shall try to send you relevant ffmpeg commands.
  5. Sohn Gottes

    Shotcut software - failed renders

    I never used shotcut. I used mpegstreamclip for removing audio and to trim. But it fails in converting to .mov from other formats. Hence I used ffmpeg. I also used kdelive it is feature full and very useful and Open Source and easy to use. I Often use it. It also have Alpha manipulation functions. Kdelive and other graphical software make large MB lossless files. At final step I use ffmpeg command line for converting file and it gives a very small MB size but good quality video. Blender is also good it have image resize filter including Catmul-ROM and Mitchell-Netrvali.
  6. Sohn Gottes

    Shotcut software - failed renders

    try using ffmpeg command line for converting from one movie format to another and for bit rate etc. much control much less time and simple.
  7. Sohn Gottes

    Un-identified bugs / beetles / spiders??

    Looks like Chilocorinae a subfamily of ladybugs. You can chec further in google search.
  8. Sohn Gottes

    Sunday error

    +1 Same here
  9. Sohn Gottes

    Rejected because of title and I don't know why?

    Earlier I did not zoom on your image and hence did not noticed the brush marks. Apology for that. I think you should submit it as illustration + as property release that image which was used as reference + without title "illustration drawn from image". One more thing if you see at bottom of the bridge and its pillars without zooming in it does not feel like painted.
  10. Sohn Gottes

    Rejected because of title and I don't know why?

    This is what I follow 1) If you had submitted the same image shown above. It is not a illustration hence if you use word "illustration" in title or keywords or check the illustration mark it will get rejected. 2) If you have submitted any illustration drawn from this image. No need to mention in title that "illustration drawn from image" just submit main image as property release.
  11. Sohn Gottes

    Foreign (to me) Language!

    It often happen with SS website. Whenever you open some contributor's image or portfolio the SS page start showing page in that contributors language.
  12. Sohn Gottes

    Show your newest image

    water droplets on black background Vector
  13. Sohn Gottes

    ELs of August 2018

    Presentation deserves
  14. Sohn Gottes

    Show your newest image

    Realistic blue water droplets isolated on the white background Vector illustration