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  1. suddenly fixed as if by magic, hope its fixed for you all here...
  2. I have emailed them twice and been ignored so far
  3. Lauren I just looked on my profile and it shows I had a visitors block to my port on here which I did not activate! I re-enabled it but its still not showing link to my port here...are my port photos also blocked to the public? arghh also why dont SS answer my emails re this? so annoyed...
  4. Lauren- what does that mean? link not active ? also no sign of the pictures. no sales. and not answers to my emails to SS
  5. yes i have newest selected in my port..I see they are approved in my app but they are not in my port and its been 2 days!
  6. yesterday three photos were passed, but there's no approved photos button any more? the photos have not appeared in catalogue manager or on my port-I checked rejected there not there, so what the heck?? where are they?
  7. i live 3 streets over from their Brighton base HQ, and I just upgraded to a Sony A6500-like new, they are a lovely bunch of people and I can walk in and get upgrades done in a few hours! I am very lucky, and they are so nice
  8. I have sold these and a couple of other flower pictures and I am a noob! I say photograph what you love...
  9. Thank you Matylda, its very frustrating! if I re upload I loose all my keyword etc...grrrr
  10. My photos have been stuck on pending well over 24 hours now, does any one know if this is normal, please
  11. Thank you so much, I did not know this !
  12. Hi SS are taking a long time to process my editorial photos, so basically the event is no longer news by the time they process and accept them, is there a way around this?
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