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  1. " Tell your friends and family about your success! " , better not, my last sale on FAA was 2,50...
  2. Wow, the Panasonic stabilisation is pretty good, but i waste a lot of time using Warp, compared to your footage it's not that good anymore
  3. Same here, in the morning i had 5410, now 5409 and when i open my port it shows 5408, funny stuff...
  4. Agreed 100 %, a year ago i submitted images taken with an F 1,4 aperture, no problem accepting them ,i will probably shoot from now on F 11 This is it, shallow depth of field era is over, now i need a new phone to got everything in focus
  5. Yes it is, i found some used pallet wood in my garden , i built a background very quickly, some of the images i submitted a week ago are selling. Submitting again is a real solution, a year ago i wouldn't submit an image twice, nowdays is a must
  6. I really don't bother to watch your images at 100 %, it is happening for me too, for drone shots, for M 4/3 and full frame sensor too. On the attached image i really can't see any noise but the reviewer with those eagle eyes spotted them and hit the reject button.
  7. Wow Alex, sorry to see this, now thats a huge drop 😶
  8. January was unusually slow, then April even worse, since then it's a bit better . Sorry to see those drastic dropes in sales guys.
  9. Thanks , i'm not jealous anymore
  10. Neither do i , maybe a log out, log in will help?
  11. Sorry to hear this, this happened to me once on DT but it wasn't a video
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