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  1. Thank you, i really want to support you in this thread , this forum needs Geogif 🙂
  2. You don't need to close the box, we all have opinions, i didn't want to hijack your thread, sorry for that.
  3. I just wake up and got that mail, so exciting , i thougt i have at least 8 video sales then more subs, no video sales 😂😂😂
  4. Only 11 K? 🙃 As i remember last year his port was about 20 K .
  5. Thank you, he was a really helpful funny forum member , i'm really sorry to see him gone
  6. I miss Geogif, he has a great sense of humor, sarcasm , and not just Geogif, too many forum members are gone , this forum without them is boring.
  7. Glad to see this thread is alive, Merry Christmas to everyone !
  8. It was a funny nice thread but unfortunately is forgotten now. Happy Holydays for all of you!
  9. Yes, i realised it 😂 Use SS guidelines to upload editorials, all the best !
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