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  1. My first sale was a flower bouquet , at that time every hotshot contributor laughed flower photography, most of your images are sellable but you need to improve your tehnique ( use more light) and of course, you need much more. Good Luck to you.
  2. That's a nice touch, you deserve it, Congrats Rudra !!!
  3. Eligible for free collection only near by downloads or date on the home page.
  4. Exactly, and this is not a bad thing, most of my selected images are downloaded 1 or max 19 times.
  5. I just checked my port on AS and i find an interesting aspect, images with more than 20 downloads are not selected, any thoughts?
  6. If all my assets eligible will be selected than it's a really good deal, but how can be sure?
  7. It's recovering, only one sale is left behind 😁
  8. A little help @Alex Shutterstock ?
  9. Same here, works properly on the app.
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