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  1. Congratulations! I hope your journey with Shutterstock will be better or at least the same for another 10 years. I am really proud that one of the successful people here is from Romania. Keep up the good work
  2. I am new here (about six months) but I agree with you, I also want the review process to become more severe because I don't see why you should upload 100 or 200 similar pictures and in some cases the photos are also very bad, that will only burry the good photos and customers WILL leave because the majority of customers WILL NOT BUY poor composed and edited pics. I don't say that my pictures are amazing , maybe my pictures are also bad but at least I don't upload 200 similar images... I wait to see what sells, I search for feedback so I can find out what people think about some of my photos before I upload. I am writing this because if someone from staff reads this forum they should know there are also some new users that are very upset about what is happening. So I think Shutterstock would make more sells and be more appreciated by customers if: - the reviewing process will be based on much more quality not necessary on quantity - photo will be rejected if they are already a lot of similar pictures on Shutterstock (if 75-80% of the picture looks like other photos on SS) - they should add a random button (someone said that a few months ago here ), I think it is a very good idea and would make customers more interested - they should stop changing the site all the time - and do something about new users who come and think they will make 100 or even 1000 :)))))) USD/month with their vacation, dog or flowers pictures by uploading hundreds of poor composed and edited images. And the list could continue... I hope my english is good enough...
  3. A few weeks ago, maybe a month, "best match" disappeared from search but was still an option when I looked at my port or other people ports. It was a bit weird since I have 3 laptops in my house and two of them showed no "best match" in search, and in one of them was still there. Same internet connection btw. Anyway... now it's gone from my port also. I think too few customers used "best match" so shutterstock removed it ( just a theory). I think they should replace it with something else...for example a 'random' option as someone here proposed. More option can make buyers more interested and generate more sales for us and shutterstock.
  4. Same problem here. Black and white photo rejected two times in a row for out of focus...but the colored version is on SS for about one month or so.
  5. So should I upload them like any other photo? They will get accepted like that? I know they are not vectors but they look like a vector.
  6. I need some help and if someone could answer me I will be really grateful. So I have some pictures from an airshow, most of them are military planes. I uploaded a few like this one: But then I realised that with this kind of photos is very easy to make a perfect white background and the planes pure black. The problem is that I also want to upload them like that but I dont know how. I did not find an article about this situation. So should I just upload like any other photo or upload like a vector...eps files etc?!?!
  7. Unfortunately the same with me. November was a pretty good month for me considering that I am new to stock photography and had only 160 images at that time. Now I have a bit over 200 but no sales so far, probably because, out of my 200 images only a few are related to New Year and Christmas ... and also I dont think they are vrey good. I hope to see better sales in January. Good Luck!
  8. I asked the same question... but nobody answered...
  9. Hello. I am sorry but I don't have the time to read all 13 pages on this forum and all the new post about this new feature. Could someone tell me how do I submit more photos in one batch? Yesterday I uploaded 7 photos.... keywords, description for each photo and than I clicked multiselect and submit. But when I enter the "pending approval" section they were all in 7 different batches each one with only a photo in it. I figured out the rest by myself... but for this one I can"t find a quick solve. THANKS!
  10. I have the same problem... 143 to 0. I can still see my pictures in Sets. Also if you search for example "tiger" on shutterstock there are only abou 100 pages and yesterday were about 2000. Or any other search you make is the same, very few pages than usual.
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