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  1. I would love to Know how

    Unfortunately, this is an online public forum, and when you ask a question most folks on here will peruse your port and offer a critique whether you are asking for it or not. Most of them mean well and are trying to give you advice to improve your port and be successful. They have been here for years and seen the change from quality to quantity and are frustrated with current shutterstock standards. It is not meant as a personal attack on you, mostly shutterstock and how it’s run. For the record, I like the crazy colored art in your port. Just the nails were gross, but like I said, someone might need that pic some day.
  2. I would love to Know how

    I rarely respond but typically lurk because I am taking a hiatus to actually learn photography. (I was a victim of the “I must be good if I was accepted”) But today I must respond, and i just have to say I almost threw up looking at the toenail clippings. But hey, if horse crap sells on here maybe toenail clippings do too.
  3. Anyone been to Barbados?

    I was there in 2000. We me a local who took us under his wing exploring the island. We went to all kinds of non tourist places only locals knew about. An amazing island full of wonderful people. I would happily return.
  4. Must watch

    A family member found me in a photo dining with my family in a travel magazine in an ad for a local upscale restaurant. At first I thought it was kind of funny. Then I was somewhat disturbed by the fact some one was taking my picture while I was eating without my permission. It did feel like an invasion of my privacy.
  5. 2018-01-24-RichFearon-Effiel-0010.jpg

    It’s a lovely photo...for personal enjoyment
  6. 2018-01-24-RichFearon-Effiel-0010.jpg

    I just read about this recently. The lighting is considered art.
  7. Beginner video editing software?

    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I agree Laurin, my boys are way more tech savvy than me.
  8. Beginner video editing software?

  9. I am new here as well. I was lured down the primrose path of thinking that since I was accepted by SS they must have seen some potential in me. However, after some very helpful advice from some forum veterans, I have seen this was a huge disservice to me and a big wake up call. Thanks to Mike Norton and Laurin Rinder I have gotten some great tips and have stopped contributing totally until I feel I can produce quality over quantity. I now just lurk for general information and to look at the critique forum which unfortunately isn't very busy. there are many online tutorials and videos to help improve your skills. Take a local class. Find a photography mentor. Everyone started at the beginning at some point. Like Laurin told me, get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot. It's the only way to improve. [Thanks Laurin ]
  10. Beginner video editing software?

    My 14 yo son is getting into videography. Was looking for some recommendations on some video editing software to get him started. He is rather tech and computer savvy.
  11. Funny caption challenge!

    I once worked with a urologist caring for an obese man who said "I'm just going to aim for where it should be". or the obvious cliche... "is that a branch between your legs or are you just happy o see me?"
  12. Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

    I would be more grossed out if they were eating lice off each other. I don't like bugs or parasites.
  13. Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

    Thought you were gonna write it was a dust mite or something equally as gross!
  14. Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

    OMG I don't even want to know what that is. I hope it isn't real.
  15. Rejected - Model Release Required Reason, But it is attached?

    I had to email them to find out why mine got rejected. They felt the scan wasn't legible enough so I had to rescan and submit. Not necessarily the reason for yours but they do get back to you.