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  1. Asset deleted sounds like a hit man was involved, not a deleted file 😂
  2. A coin stacking photo gets you in a secret society
  3. My neighbors dog if he chases my chickens.....oops...did I say that out loud?
  4. There are lots of shutterstock photos I recognize from others. Sad. The ones of mine on there haven’t sold, and are listed for over $100 each
  5. I found my picture probably not gonna see a penny from this https://www.gallerydirect.com/art/product/stock/marshall-point-lighthouse-port-clyde/1091366345
  6. I found this. Doesn’t say photographer, just shutterstock. https://www.bhg.com/shop/gallery-direct-gallery-direct-amazing-beach-with-umbrellas-by-shutterstock-framed-blue-size-18-75x22-75-p947e567dfcdb08ec385820d57092ca41.html
  7. I like the one where you are looking through the waterfall at the sunset. Personally I like the way the photos came out with the weather, it sets a certain mood for the series
  8. I just liked how he really believed in food being the center of relationships and what brings us together. He was also a huge supporter of not losing the cultural foods/recipes passed down from generation to generation. I couldn’t agree with you more Chris, he ate some of the simplest foods but appreciated them for what they were, even if it was a bowl of noodles.
  9. That’s a terrible tragedy. He lived hard in his younger years, thought he had things together finally. I feel badly for his daughter.
  10. Anyone know how one till I see babies?
  11. It says I cannot paste images directly when I do that.
  12. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pileated-woodpecker-coming-out-nest-poplar-1091330930 she nested in a rotten tree in my yard. I played woodpecker noises and she came out looking quite angry! how do I get to post the actual picture and not a link?
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