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  1. When I woke up in the morning, when I turned on my computer, I would first look at shutterstock site with nice feelings. I can't feel the same feelings now. why did you get these feelings from me ? I also lost my inspiration fairy,i cant find. Where is my inspiration fairy ?
  2. Shutterstock; I always recommended you to other new contributors, now i am really embarrassed against them for recommending you There is a saying in Turkish : Guvendigim daglara kar yagdi. Hope i translate right. let me try : Snowed the mountains that i trust
  3. I'm very sorry about this situation. After these reactions, I hope you will undo this decision. If you ignore the reaction of so many people, you will be disrespectful and i think many of us will delete the accounts or will not upload anymore. And the most important is : the money you earn will not benefit.
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