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  1. I have created a vector of the ancient philosopher, Aristotle, because I need it for an educational project. The original drawing was from an compilation of ancient statues of him. I actually took parts of him, like his eyes, from people I know, but the whole thing is what I imagine he looked like. (I am creating a course on Logic and Aristotle's Triangle.) Shutterstock has many pictures of his statue and sketches, etc. of him, and they are not editorial. I have submitted pictures of ancient Greek statues and have had them accepted before. And I included my original sketch as a reference document. But I was rejected for intellectual property. I could submit it as editorial. What would you do? Wait for a new reviewer or just accept that restriction? Thanks for any advice. (And yes, I am a beginner illustrator. I'll get better....)
  2. How do we report the problem? Maybe if everyone does.....I just tried to upload one picture and it disappeared when I changed from the upload to the submit page. Just *poof*. I tried it so I could report it. I have just quit uploading until it is fixed except for that one. But where do I report it? Thanks.
  3. I hope they are working on this today after everyone has come back to work after a long Memorial Day weekend. Wish they'd let us know something....at least acknowledge the problem....
  4. I once got a request for a model release for a head planter with flowers growing out of it.
  5. Actually IS and Dreamstime accepted it. SS and Adobe did not. I never got that email. I need to find out why.
  6. It was a photo taken way before I was shooting stock, but I saw a request on one of my agencies today for people with unusual pets and thought of this photo taken years ago, so I dug it out. It's a cell phone photo and not large enough to cut out the hand, unfortunately It sounds like I might be able to upload it as editorial. I might try that before giving up. Other agencies have already accepted it. I guess if people want to write about not keeping monkeys as pets, they'll have to buy it there. But I wish they had a way of letting us know about these policies and why they are rejecting our pictures so we'll know not to do that again. I absolutely didn't have a clue and didn't even think of a pet monkey not being accepted simply because it was a monkey.
  7. I wondered if the reviewer had that personal objection.... They are legal where I live, but maybe not where the reviewer lives. If that's the only objection we can come up with, I may contact support. I mean, someone COULD use this image in an article about why NOT TO KEEP PET MONKEYS. By the way, this is NOT my monkey.
  8. I am totally confused. I have submitted this image twice. I was sure I had a drunk reveiwer the first time, but I got the same result the second time. I really do want to submit this photo, although not everyone will think it's a good one. It's not really large (cell phone photo), so I can't crop it as much as I'd like, but it's crystal clear and the model is really cute! I also didn't find a lot like it on Shutterstock. It's meaningful because the little guy is being treated like a baby with his soft blankie. The rejection reason both times was Rejection reasons (1) Objectionable Content: Image and/or metadata contains potentially objectionable content. The desciption is Adorable baby white-faced capuchin monkey in a blanket being held by woman with glitter fingerpolish in front of a bokeh outdoor background Here are my keywords: monkey, baby, cute, face, nature, hair, animal, wildlife, portrait, pet, pretty, owner, love, mammal, natural, outdoor, young, summer, small, comforting, primate, security, blankie, blanket, comical, maternal, adorable, domestic, breed, beautiful, little, furry, funny, creature, baby monkey, closeup, expression, monkeys, nurturing, species, hands, hold, baby white-faced capuchin, capuchin, fun, lifestyle, exotic, close up, sweet, carry; Hum, maybe "breed" or "love"? Do you guys see anything else before I try #3? FYI: Dreamstime just accepted this little guy. FYI 2: I submitted a small photo. The orignal shows every hair and the monkey is totally in focus.
  9. I like seeing the images in rejected, but.... THIS is why I don't like the new changes to the contributors' portal that don't show our approved images anymore. I GUESS I had images approved early yesterday. They aren't in the rejected or pending tabs. But it's been almost 24 hours and they haven't shown up anywhere and I'm almost afraid they are lost in the system somewhere. I've never had them take this long before. They do not show up ANYWHERE!
  10. I am very new here and need to put my images into sets. I am trying to think of how to do that and what makes sense and helps buyers find what they need. For instance, I have beach pictures from Mexico, Australia, and the east and west coasts of the U.S. Would buyers find those better under "Beaches" or in sets for each location? The same with boats, children, etc. What works best for you? I now have 125 images and I need to get organized, I think. Thanks for any advice...
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