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  1. Constantine_papp

    First nine days of December. Zero sales.

    exactly that you have a great gallery but no christmas or december material i am in the same position too
  2. Constantine_papp

    Does anyone use an app called EasyRelease ?

    i use easy release a lot.i uploaded my last model release 2 weeks ago with no problem so i am not sure if there is a problem now
  3. Constantine_papp

    Surgery tomorrow...

    good luck Phil i wish you the best get back here with us soon!
  4. Constantine_papp

    stock forum

    if they are right or wrong its a whole different talk
  5. Constantine_papp

    stock forum

    thank you very much!!
  6. Constantine_papp

    stock forum

    hello everyone is there an active forum of stock photo contributor anywhere on the internet,i tried reddit but i didnt found anything.i am just wondering if there is a genereal stock photo forum where you can discuss freely about all the stock image sites
  7. Constantine_papp

    What do ODD and SOD mean?

    i am also new here and i thought sod is subscription sales but i guess i am wrong.after all i only had one odd sale so far and all the other were subscription
  8. Constantine_papp

    percentage of subscription sales the last months

    for some reason i have 20/20 subscription sales this is the reason i am asking.
  9. hello everyone i am a contibutor for 2 months now i have some sales enough to know that non subscription sales (0.25c) are rare i dont have one yet!! so what is the percentage of your subscription sales and the other kind of sales the last months.i ask for only the last months cause i think that old data wont be accurate anymore.
  10. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    sory i dont get what you are saying
  11. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    so i can upload photos at my off days but i prefer to spend this time with friends and family cause i will maybe have 2-3 days a month
  12. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    i leave in greece every male has to serve the army for 9 months(ground forces) 12 months(navy,airforce) i will serve for 8 due to i am from a family with 4 children.i will leave january and i will be back at september but i will have off days and some weeks in that period.i am not allowed to have a camera with me,not even my smartphone cause it has camera as an antiespionage measure.the rules are strict for new recruits but after a month or 2 i will have my smartphone with me,the rules still prohibit it but they are a little more flexible.i still cant bring my dslr there.even if i take pictures while i am in the army i dont think it is wise to sell them cause it is illegal to even shoot them in the first place.i see you are from america i dont know what the rules are there but i dont think that i can have a laptop with me either maybe it is different with you cause as far as i know in america being a soldier is a job you get paid.in greece there are proffessional soldiers and conscripts my brother is a proffessional soldier and engineer in the military navy.he can use a phone a camera a laptop whatever he wants.
  13. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    army laws are different and more strict,also for the 8 months i will be in the army i am considered a soldier and not a civilian so if anything bad happen i will not be at a civilian court but a military tribunal!!!! so better be safe than very very sorry!
  14. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    the rules are strict for new recruits after the irst 1-2 months i will have my smartphone with me it is still prohibited but no one cares my friends have photos from inside the camp but not from weaponry warehouses ect.also even if i shoot this things maybe i will have problem after i sell them!
  15. Constantine_papp

    sales and inactivity

    i would really love that but having a camera inside a military camp(even phone camera) is prohibited as a possible act of espionage!!!!