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  1. I walk everywhere I can and I'm using an old Nikon D90 and Nikkor 35mm F/1.8GDX lens - before that 35mm I had (still have but half broken) Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D lens which is cheapest on the market. All the work on my portfolio done with an extremely limited budget. I'm only very curious to learn and have a desire to accomplish certain looks & feels on my images. That is it. Never had a fancy expensive equipment, never able to afford to travel exotic places yet.
  2. I really really LOVE shooting flowers... To me they are always the most original subject - because none of them are the same, every single one of them is unique. I'm fascinated by the Sacred Geometry. And for some reason shooting photos of flowers having the same effect with meditation on me.
  3. I just saw this! Thank you dear Kate!
  4. Same... Stopped on certain amount and not going up after sales.
  5. Low sales combined with lower level of percentage resulted with a "perfect storm" on my "earnings" this month
  6. Oh FFS they really did THAT too?! I wasn't aware of that! I was exclusive with them and left exclusivity after they removed upload bonuses. Thanks to some decisions made by Shutterstock, some contributors started to believe DT are some kind of angelic beings. Personally I've been treated like crap many times in their forum which I stopped posting many years ago also. 😂
  7. Almost 5 years ago I did the same mistake with purchasing a 55-300 VR lens. Didn't know the big difference between a 5.6 lens and a 1.8 one. If I knew the things I know today, I'd buy a 85mm F/1.8G lens instead. Would be a great short tele on DX (crop) sensor and my photos would probably look magical. But kinda too late now Maybe one day
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