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  1. I highly recommend this one... Great for travel since it has its own trailer, great for wildlife since no animal dare to come close to it, also great for street photography since no one will ever pay attention to it.
  2. @GMMaria That's very kind of you to say... I'm glad you like my stuff and I find your portfolio extremely delicious
  3. Friends, I actually looked at this pages to see if someone posted my portfolio too and it wasn't a good feeling. Anything YOU personally DON'T LIKE to be there suppose to be a spam? Because there are good portfolios too among those and the portfolio you are reporting to the SS staff could be that contributor's only income... As in my case; I'm doing all this to support my family. I'm not defending the obvious ones out there - a good eye can definitely separate the good from the bad and from the obvious spam uploads. And I know you all have good intentions. I'm only asking to be more careful about this.
  4. KeremGogus

    Nikon D3400 vs D5300

    It's really awesome lens... I wish I had that one too
  5. KeremGogus

    Nikon D3400 vs D5300

    I know its not the camera but the Nikon D500 is really a state of the art one. I wish I had one with a Nikkor 24mm F/1.8G.
  6. KeremGogus

    A Sign of Life!!!!!!!

    Congratulations @Laurin Rinder
  7. KeremGogus

    A Sign of Life!!!!!!!

    This is awesome... I hope it happens to me too
  8. KeremGogus

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    That would be sweet... Even though I'm not actually a traveler type.
  9. KeremGogus

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    I truly appreciate your wonderful input and recommendation! Very heartening
  10. KeremGogus

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    I'm really interested in this kind of lifestyles. You guys think this is small thinking? That's the first thing I've though years ago when I came across this these type of ideas but then I realized the financial freedom is one of the greatest factor of living a big and free life...
  11. KeremGogus


    You can do a LOT of sales when you do AMAZING work. This might sound a bit hard to accomplish but you can move mountains only when you certainly believe that you can do. I wish I had the photos of my very first computer, very first camera and very first work I've done with them. I despise talking about my self, my accomplishments etc. so much so I didn't kept an actual record to show my progress. However it requires a lot of time and a ton of dedication without* even thinking about giving up; it has to be a burning desire. And even though right now I have another TONS of things to learn in many other branches related to visual arts. This is a never ending journey and its not possible to make quick earnings with this.
  12. I always post this type of photos that includes the urban environment as Editorial... If it was the portrait of the duck then it would be fine as commercial license. Sorry if this sounds like echoing others - you guys probably already know.
  13. Thank you so much dear @Alex Shutterstock
  14. KeremGogus

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    Good morning! I love Halloween - especially all the fun decorations. And I also love the supercute girls with those awesome masks on the Day Of The Dead