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  1. That would've been me... I think that's why no one talks to me anymore
  2. My earnings reset to zero but I didn't get the "your payments are calculated" e-mail yet 😕
  3. My illustration of DeLorean time machine rejected TWO times immediately after submitting with reason of Editorial Designation even when its designated correctly. I wonder if SS staff ever see this post, please @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock
  4. During all this time, another agency I'm working with was in close communication with Payoneer and giving advice and offering payment protections by holding them for a short period of time.
  5. Only payoneer can answer my question actually and I have to wait till Monday. My question will be that what will happen when shutterstock send me my payment of this month, will it frozen too and will I be able to transfer it to my bank account.
  6. This above seems to be posted in "This post was updated on June 25th, 2020." And I got the e-mail 3 hours ago saying; Pending further actions from the FCA, you will temporarily be unable to withdraw the funds on your card, nor receive new payments onto your card.
  7. Thank you so much, I panicked and raised my minimum payment to $500 to avoid transfer to my payoneer. And then I found this following article which things "suppose to" run smoothly - whatever that means. And I changed my minimum payment to $35 again. You think this can affect getting my payment from this month? I'll try to ask support too if I can reach anyone. I also hardly process English language because of anxiety, does this sounds like a good news? https://blog.payoneer.com/exclusive/wirecard-in-the-news-funds-on-your-payoneer-card-are-safe-and-secure/
  8. people commenting under this post: https://www.facebook.com/Payoneer/photos/a.10150439937728543/10157492444908543/?type=3&__xts__[0]=68.ARBezl_5eGEGlS7PqCSdmN4agbPYfiAUji1Ey5cN1N_FT22_XJjRBpXxXV7YIL4NumgkBcTiPUUPJWWGDb6g8k0aS4npxr5oOOqaF3OBUdAjuEo_HVOz3lmLQWaZ_Y-ckGveE31ZZQFE2v4cGrs9qY7_LVnlENbIst63JiidWPb0xHskyC4LKnz7B9Utzwlsr2lBmZtWCQnPvIRwco8j-rEclBwwekS9KYPW1DcfFnFyiQTlg8MGBofAn4JAOLnl1BqcgachMS7WnPSTYTwlujrbLhttvlxuzlCZYSh-G0hiA13jgui59Cb07YXLk5aWu1mPaWzVuscFhvDOQw&__tn__=-R
  9. On my account payment I get first show up on card balance and then I'm able to withdraw to my local bank account. In their Facebook page, many customers saying everything is frozen and they can't even withdraw to their bank accounts. I'm an old customer of Payoneer from Turkey. I had to switch because PayPal is banned. I had to get the card for receiving any payment and added my bank account later. I don't know what to do right now, its my only option. And this was a good month for me... I'm spending my earnings to my parents.
  10. What can I do? Should I change my settings to stop SS to send me payment? Please help I'm panicking @Kate Shutterstock
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