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  1. They also have Pineterest but Pinterest is weird... Everything looks static and inactive there.
  2. I think photos are really good... But what you need is much higher amount of them. Keep shooting and uploading ^_^
  3. Thank you so much for the information! I actually searched about them too and couldn't find any proper info at all... Weird. Anyway... It's something to avoid like a plague obviously.
  4. Anyone ever heard about this ClickASnap site? They claim they paying 40 cents per VIEW.
  5. I had couple image sales today... I only have few videos.
  6. This what happens to my June sales:
  7. This is just happened to me too for the first time!... 15 images of mine!
  8. I feel exactly the same... Shutterstock's earning percentages, sales performance and wonderful forum environment was like a fresh air to me when first I joined. Sadly I came here pretty late and only enjoyed those days in their last year. Then everything went down like a spiral; people started leaving the forum, fun topics got quiet, and Shutterstock introduced their new earning system etc. I realized I don't like things to change that much... I'd prefer to things I love to stay for a longer while. But I'm trying to focus on other things too. I didn't touched my camera since the December
  9. %100 ! Wonderful portfolio @Rudra Narayan Mitra Congratulations !
  10. I did too and I hope everyone got their more than well deserved payments! Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. @Whiteaster @Wilm Ihlenfeld Thank you both very much for encouraging and informative comments - I truly appreciate! This thing on AS is just started as I understand so* we will see how it turn out in passing time I guess.
  12. Thank you so much - very kind of you! Yes %99 of my work on AS are illustrations. And thank you for the information; I didn't know they strictly go for the photos. That explains it!
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