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  1. Kind of 4:55am of Sunday... I'm still awake because waiting for an upload to finish that I sadly started too late
  2. I like those two but personally I'm more like a Rotenbergerer fan!
  3. @MircoV trying to make this forum more fun, relaxing and friendly... I admire his positivity - I wish I could be half positive like him. But every time he starts a fun topic, some of you friends find something to argue about and it escalates.
  4. @danceswithwords First thing I'll recommend is learning to shoot RAW and developing the photography in a decent RAW file editor. Because if you are shooting the JPEG you are using only the %25 potential of your camera. And no matter what people may say, developing RAW files is the dark room of digital photography and to me its a must if you planning to shoot landscapes. Personally I've watched Ansel Adams documentaries over and over nonstop for a year to educate myself about this and still watching tutorials (free on youtube) a lot even about the things I already "know" how to do.
  5. I was almost about to agree with you
  6. This is always a good advice to work on the portfolio... I believe we are on Shutterstock to offer beautiful and useful imagery for the ones who need them on their work. Something we should focus on and do with respect indeed. 👍
  7. @Scorsby And please don't use such harsh words and try to be respectful to other contributors in the forum... Majority of people here are really decent - even though sometimes they can't get along with each other, they are still really decent, top quality people I've ever seen in a forum. So please tune yourself into chill out vibes.
  8. @MircoV you always have wonderful and friendly ideas I wish I could afford traveling... I'd really LOVE to go to Zagreb & Istria / Croatia to see my friends there. Also visit your town to meet you too. Wish me luck & earnings please! ❤️
  9. Here is my ride for the race. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/istanbul-turkey-december-4-2016-3d-1281547345?src=U0XsLIk4thUkcHOTgyTWNg-1-16
  10. Those "ban everyone else but keep me" posts are awesome
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