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  1. KeremGogus

    Mustang Rejections

    Hello friends, hello @Alex Shutterstock @Kate Shutterstock I got 2 of my Mustang illustrations rejected with the Non-Licensable content reason. I have my earlier Mustang illustrations accepted - I'm always sending them as EDITORIAL with proper description including date and everything. I'd like to learn what is the exact reason of the rejection on these two if its not too much trouble. Thanks in advance and I appreciate for your time
  2. KeremGogus

    Are editorial images in demand?

    My editorials that sold couple times... There's surely some demand for some certain subjects.
  3. KeremGogus

    How do I get clear photos from an old DSLR?

    I agree... I'm using the same camera with original poster. Nikon D3100 with 18-55, 55-200 and 35mm DX lenses. I've managed to get better results with D3100 + 55-200 combo - which a local "photographer" called "garbage" in a concert environment than my previous Nikon D90 + 50mm F/1.8D combo. Surely my old and trusty Nikon D90 who helped me to built %90 of my photography portfolio focuses faster and more accurate but I'm getting used to the simpler D3100 too. I'm grateful everyday to have them on my possession. Nikon D850 seems truly brilliant especially combined with a fine lens like 35mm F/1.4G but such a high resolution camera will require way more accurate approach on using it. A sensor like D850 has probably zero tolerance to any kind of camera shake. This is one of the concert shots I've taken with Nikon D3100 and Nikkor 55-200mm F/4-5.6 lens;
  4. Personally I'm sending photos with homes and buildings on landscapes in the distant as editorial since they are identifiable - not sure about the vineyard since the first and second photo are simply natural landscapes and shouldn't be rejected.
  5. KeremGogus

    Shutterstock advertising campaign

    I agree - while posting my own Fresh Content, I'm seeing pretty amazing images while I'm using keyword suggestion tool. I'm seeing the name of Shutterstock almost every most impressive space and nature documentary I'm watching. There are certainly a lot of amazing artwork there and I believe they attracting the right customers who looking for them.
  6. KeremGogus

    Must Be Careful

    I totally agree... I personally have to intention to put it down since its the most enjoyable thing for me to do in this life.
  7. KeremGogus

    Must Be Careful

    I personally prefer to avoid zoom lens on street photography. I'm using my old 50mm and 35mm lenses instead... I prefer to be relatively close and communicate to people if necessary in case they don't wanted to be photographed.
  8. KeremGogus

    Must Be Careful

    Joel Meyerowitz says Bruce Gilden is a "bully" ... I really like and prefer the style of Meyerowitz which I adopted for my street photography; calm, peaceful, respectful.
  9. I decided to send mine with the title "Not Magical Cubes"
  10. KeremGogus

    Must Be Careful

    I still love street photography even though I had my fair share of troubles too. Being out there in the nature away from people is the most peaceful way of taking photos - like a meditation. Less people, more happiness.
  11. I can do a remake of it with spheres instead... Not worth trouble since its serious as @mandritoiu says.
  12. Thank you! I've never thought about Rubiks Cube while doing this rendering.
  13. I also just noticed that I've used suggested keywords and there's "rubik" and "cube" among them.