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  1. I didn't get any e-mail yet to renew my form. MY form is approved on August 20 2018, we are in September 14 2020 Difference between Aug 20, 2018 and Sep 14, 2020 suppose to be: 2 years 25 days
  2. BTW I already have my tax documents approved in long ago when I joined on Shutterstock and I was getting my payments monthly without this kind of issue.
  3. MY payments are not calculated either. I've waited since it was weekend but it's already 9th and still nothing. I only have "download 2019 tax doc" on my dashboard and nothing else. No e-mail or notification sent to me on updating my tax document or anything. @Kate Shutterstock
  4. I actually don't scan myself. Every time I shoot film, I send the roll to a local lab and they do the develop and scanning for me. Film is a hobby for me so I don't submit my shots as stock My budget could be $100 tops thanks to the amazing economy of my country 😂
  5. Good one! Also this Rollei xf 35 thingy looks really cute
  6. Awesome! I have a Nikon F601 and Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D lens. Much like a dSLR with integrated expose meter and accurately working Aperture Priority mode. I shoot with it from time to time. But I really want to switch to a range-finder type of camera... A bit more older but still relatively easy to use. I'd love to have your recommendations on it! ^_^
  7. Apps on their smartphones tracking their every move, every photo of themselves and everything they do are out there stored in some database, surveillance cameras and spy satellites photographing them everywhere, their smart tv and gaming console cameras peeping deep inside their homes - yet they are against actual photographers who openly and honestly do what they are doing. Photography once was an art form but not anymore in the global dumb society of idiocracy.
  8. I'm not naming my files like this... 😕 Am I doing it wrong? @Alexandre Rotenberg ?
  9. Thank you so much for clarification dear Kate, have a great week!
  10. I've took many shots that are accepted with a Nikon D3100 and Sigma 18-200 lens. Vibration Reduction OFF, High ISO Noise Reduction OFF, Noise Reduction OFF and ISO 400. I shoot both on my Nikon D90 & Nikon D3100 with 400 ISO regardless of the type of lens and conditions. It adds nice details, lowers the waiting on long exposure shots. And I always shoot RAW. Didn't had any rejection issues.
  11. That would've been me... I think that's why no one talks to me anymore
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