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  1. Just wanted to take a moment to thank Shutterstock for changing their contributor earnings system. It prompted me to rethink my relationship with photography and I have decided to quit the microstock business. I'm going back to photography as purely a creative pursuit. No more cumbersome keywording, captioning and uploading to the half dozen stock photo sites I contribute to. Just photography for photography's sake. Thanks again, SS!
  2. So does this mean they're trying to force us into creating more editorial content? Why not just say so in plain English rather than in business jargon?
  3. I know the impulse is to try to stick it to SS but they have millions of image files. Make sure you're not hurting yourself. I have decided to keep my account and let it rest, I won't upload to it anymore. But I'll take whatever money they want to throw at me, however paltry, because I need it!
  4. The company is worth a billion dollars. I'm sure they knew contributors would be unhappy about this but probably figured they'd gain new contributors anyway. We are expendable to them. The market is flooded with photos and photographers. I think if someone wants to make decent money at it, you'll have to branch out on your own, find your niche. Be your own Shutterstock.
  5. Actually there's an article in Forbes about a restructuring... https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2020/02/13/shutterstock-founder-and-ceo-jon-oringer-to-step-down-in-april/#2e3153ec7e8b
  6. I feel so...so...demoted. So this is a photo content mill now?
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