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  1. I had an SOD sold to forbes for 1.10... I think maybe if it's only published in an online article they can get away with lower prices
  2. No sales for over a week now...I haven't gone more than 2 days without one since my first sale!
  3. They definitely could be different buyers, but it just seemed too coincidental that the exact same model sold for the exact same price in the exact same city many times (and they aren't amazing money shots that are being scooped up anywhere else)...guess it will be a mystery never solved. I'm totally not complaining! Especially since I am still pretty new here so these SODs make up almost half of my income!
  4. On the map they all show up in Berlin, Germany. It's interesting because I've had other downloads for the pictures elsewhere, but every time I upload a new set of her portraits I get an SOD (same price every time) within 24 hours from the exact same place on a map. It's happened 7 or 8 times the past 2 months...it has to be the same buyer no?
  5. Every time I upload new portraits from one of my models (my younger sister ?), I seem to get the same buyer purchase at least one of them. They are all SOD for the exact same price all coming from Berlin. It's nice having almost guaranteed downloads but it makes me wonder what they are being used for considered that they are all so varied and purchased at different times. Anyone else notice any trends like this?
  6. Actually it was SOD! Only 1.10 but still a little better
  7. Thanks guys!!! Totally!!! It was an article
  8. I had an exciting moment today when I found one of my photos on Forbes! It was nice to see because I haven't been able to find many of my downloaded images online anywhere. Probably not that exciting for you stock veterans but as a newbie it was pretty cool!
  9. I joined august this year and it took about a month with 50 photos at the time
  10. I totally agree. Those who have only uploaded a few pictures of unfocused grass will never see sales and eventually will fall off the wagon. Complaining about how terrible they are only wastes your time IMO. As a newbie myself I know there are many less than stellar shots in my port but unfortunately buyers are so unpredictable that some of them have sold and so I continue to upload as much as I can. What's more important, I think, is that every time I pick up the camera I aim to get a better shot. I spend lots of time reading forums and getting a better sense of what sells and how to improve my photography. Will I ever make $100 a week with my talent, absolutely not. But I still see regular downloads and its enough to motivate me to continue doing what I love.
  11. I agree completely, it's not. But there is no need to criticize WITH bitterness. Although you have to face criticism in order to get better, it doesn't have to be done in a rude and condescending way. And I am not saying you in particular, I've just noticed on the forums in general an attitude towards new people who maybe aren't as good but looking to get better. Maybe that is just the "Canadian" in me...
  12. At least for the most part if newbies are posting on the forum it is because they are looking for advice to get better. Everyone has to start somewhere. I understand maybe that means a little more competition for everyone who has been around longer but quality is subjective and you never know what might sell. If the images are honestly not good quality, then they will never make sales and get lost in the millions of images like you say. As a new contributor myself, sometimes I'm shocked at how bitter everyone is to new photographers who are aspiring to become better, and find it so much nicer when everyone puts aside their ego and works to inspire each other to do better
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