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  1. I posted the same thing last week and nobody seemed to care; Made my images unavailable for sale, but they could be still be bought via Google images or directly. I'm nearly done backing up my content, then will be taking action.
  2. Delete your account and move over to Adobe Stock. SS is dead.
  3. Of course they monitor the forums and with all of this crap going on, they are certainly reading them now.
  4. Yeah, my portfolio has been removed but the images are STILL available via direct link or via search engine. So, what now, SS gets the full commission even though I opted out? I would like an official response from SS here please - Who can I tag?
  5. Not really, when the image is accessible via search engines. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/crossrail-blurred-people-walking-canary-wharf-797223064
  6. What the hell is going on here!? I have deactivated my portfolio (or so I thought) a few days ago by ticking NO in the licensing options of my account. Now, I just checked to see if my portfolio is gone, logged in with my work account and it appears that I can download my image! What the hell Shutterstock 😡
  7. And I thought iStock was the worst offender in this space. Bloody hell, that's the end of having my small portfolio here. What an absolute joke of a place.
  8. Not very clear at all as I'm getting a few rejections because of this.
  9. No, I thought it was self evident. Obviously not. It makes me wonder are bots reviewing sometimes
  10. So my latest upload was rejected for the below reason: The thing is though, the text is of a metro sign, so I'm sure this doesn't apply to me?
  11. I can't speak for video quality but yes for images.
  12. I own a 5DIV and some L glass and truly love them, but the weight is getting to me a bit, especially when lugging them around on holidays. I find myself using my old iPhone 6 more and more and think the images are acceptable for stock. Anybody out there only using their iPhone or whatever brand solely for stock and doing well?
  13. You can always create a filter for these emails one time job (15 seconds) and you won't be bothered by them again.
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