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  1. That response might be from an official but it only seems to relate to clips. What about images? I’ve just had 3 at 17c too. Some official communication on that would be nice.
  2. Damn, now I need to add Iceland to my wish list - oh hang on, actually it is already there, now I just want to go even more! Hard to pick a favourite but the waterfall at sunset with the pointy mountain behind, and the woman in pink at the base of the waterfall are up there - the water texture on that last one is sublime.
  3. Some good advice here. Also lose the heavy vignetting, this will not make your images more saleable.
  4. Congratulations - and its nice to see a positive post in here for a change
  5. Doesn't matter if it is the original or not - SS likes to check the reference image anyway (because how do they know it was the original?). Or at least sometimes, like everything here the reviewers are totally inconsistent. I have had silhouettes approved without reference image and some where it has been asked for. Like you, my silhouettes are all in camera and not created post production.
  6. Not the bots in this case, you need to include reference images for silhouettes, just attach the original image in the required field.
  7. Funny how so many people on here immediately blame SS for low sales when really often it is the quality of their own portfolios.
  8. I lost a number of files due to a technical failure at home. I emailed SS and asked if I could download them and was told I could only download if I paid for them - and even then you need to get approval first as downloading your own photos is not usually allowed and can lead to your account being removed. So it depends how much that file is worth to you (in my case, it wasn't worth it).
  9. I think I’ve seen that postcard ?
  10. That would be unusual - as the photographer you own the copyright and the copyright holder controls how a photo can be sold. I guess you could enter into some sort of contractual arrangement allowing the model to sell the photo (as you have done with Shutterstock) but would the paperwork really be worth it?
  11. A worthless notification in my view.
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