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  1. AhmedSamirGFX

    Uploading, images missing

    Hello, I have the same issue for three days now and still the same problem and error messages! Hope SS resolves that soon,
  2. Thanks for all helpful comments my friends, really appreciate it.
  3. Hello everyone, For those who are kind enough to share there experience I was wondering about the highest number of sales per day did you get? NOTE >> I am focusing in my question on Images not videos I don't know if there is statistics about that or not but it would be a helpful info to know. Thanks in advance,
  4. Hello everyone, My question is about the duration you normally spend to get your images approved? I am asking because it is becoming normal for me to wait 3 days before I get approved so, is this the case for the majority or what? Kindly share your experience, THANKS,
  5. AhmedSamirGFX

    There was an error uploading the following file ??

    For my case it is even not clarifying the reason of error I really don't know how many posts does SS want to see to fix this error.
  6. Hello, I am having this message since yesterday when I upload any image: " There was an error uploading the following file " Any ideas & is it for all of you at the moment? thanks,
  7. AhmedSamirGFX

    File Transfer Error

    thanks, the problem was that I exported as JPEG not saving it so, keywords were lost. thanks again,
  8. AhmedSamirGFX

    File Transfer Error

    Can you illustrate more about the method of keeping the keywords embedded inside photos?
  9. Thanks for all of your valuable tips and notes, I am having a trouble with keywords as I really don't understand why sometimes I get rejections for keywords reasons however other times the same logic and method I use with other images get approved with no problem. I feel too much subjectivity in the decision making of approving images here, I read almost every single article on SS in that regard and still don't have a clear understanding of the reviewer process and decision.
  10. thanks friends, Since when roughly SS has this problem or that was the way from the start?
  11. Hello everyone, My question is about keywords and which is better from results point of view (Search & Sales), Example: which is better >> green, abstract, background, etc..... OR "Green Abstract Background" as one phrase put into the keywords? I hope some of our kind admins / contributors help us with his/her experience. Thanks for all,
  12. Hello everyone, I would like to have your advice & experience about the methods you use in marketing your SS Content? Is it paid or free methods or a mix of both? If you use a social media platform to market your content what is it and why do you prefer it? In general kindly give us any valuable tip or info regarding marketing our content, Thanks to you all,
  13. thanks Kate, I hope you pay attention to the issue about putting a red line under the incorrect word in the "keyword field" while typing the keywords. also my note about the bright white color in the editor it is not convenient at all. deep thanks ,