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  1. It happened a few weeks ago, but the problem appears to have reoccurred today. Has anyone else noticed it? Thank you!
  2. Couple of years ago, BBC used one of my images from Istock. I get 0.10 for that. You get double
  3. Thanks for sharing my article Actually I've started taking picture related to coronavirus in late January, but they were all related to China, then when the virus started to spread in Italy in late February and with the lockdown few days later, I've read on a microstock forum a post from an Adobe employee who said that there was a huge request for "handwashing" related photos, and from then on I've tried to find different ways to relate to coronavirus, avoiding to shoot only medical photos. So, just to complete what the "creative process" was, I've read international online newspaper to find inspirations and tried to stay some days ahead what will be happened after (eg. I've created some picture related to the London Lockdown one week ahead the actual lockdown).
  4. Check your detailed earning summary. Those .25c comes from a sale made yesterday, for sure.
  5. Oh, what a perfect example! Thank you man, now I'll boost my sales with this amazing tip!
  6. I had one too, which is also my first ever
  7. I'm still relatively new here, so my statistic aren't so reliable. Anyway, so far, February 2019 it's my BME as I've got my first video cart sale and a really good S&O download. Without those two big sale, it would have been an average month anyway. January start was much worse!
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