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  1. Thank you, u r being nice about it.. and yes kids are great for this but unfortunately i have no time to work more on it.
  2. I tested the acceptance with several snaps taken with mobile phone. The photos should never be accepted by any standards, but they were accepted. You can see them in my port, the last 4-5 photos. My whole port is mediocre but its ok, I can't say I am putting effort as it is. But the fact is that requirement level for acceptance on SS is really low and my last few pics prove it!
  3. Dear Bhaskar, If your goal is to earn on SS, then you need to turn around your approach to stock photography and work on your skills. Learn about composing, light, exposure, then focus etc.. Sorry to say but with the current portfolio you wont earn anything.
  4. Geez dude, if selling photos is easy then everyone would be snapping around with camera. It takes practice, thinking and effort to actually earn. I've got measly 200 photos and sell maybe 1 per month, mainly because its not big portfolio and I still got a lot to learn about what actually sells. Lowering standards in acceptance on SS do not actually help because data base is filled with mediocre photos, so the quality can't come through. So you want to earn, triple your efforts and learn along the way.
  5. Oh I know u r being honest, because fr ur high pedestal u just presume that all beginners fall into ''whining lousy category''. Unfortunately, I would love to disagree, but I can't. As for the rest..again, u r right. Except for the flower part. One sold But I quit on them never less.
  6. Hmm...nope I wont. He is smart guy, but his tongue puts me off.
  7. Quoting someone usually means referring directly, whether it was personal or not it doesn't matter. I don't consider letting poor images admitted is encouragement to contributor, since they obviously have lesser chances of being actually sold and they are spamming those who have decent quality. But SS like others is about profits and interests. And since u like ''direct'' ppl, why not practising it urself..say what u meant in between the lines The images like mine suck and should be filtered on SS like many others that r being let in. Its a fact, so why not be open about it and not beat around the bush. Instead, give constructive advice for improvement, instead of quantity..that's one obvious. PS. actually I am being obstinate (character streak :/ ), so I will say that 99% of what u say is true..that 1% I refuse to let go haha
  8. agree ..and I know..but still seems like SS is in some kind of limbo now and that's what I am talking about. :/
  9. I am direct too..never brings nothing but trouble
  10. No need for tongue sticking smart ass. I am perfectly rational in my reasoning about sales, at least sales on SS, comparing to other sites at this moment. I am also aware that having 100+ images in portfolio is peanuts comparing to large portfolios, and that there cannot be any expectations on making noted income out of it. What I am pointing at is lack of any form of encouragement from SS as a platform for newer contributors..so I guess many will drop out feeling discouraged. It's not always about monetary side, to many photographers its feeling their effort is noted and appreciated. Btw..before any more smart remark..i do not consider myself one, I am just beginning..
  11. It is really discouraging to contributors..I am working slowly but I would appreciate at least some sort of boost..at least something. So far I have 7 downloads..and thats really depressing for the effort put in. But I'll go on..even though SS doesn't seem to give any encouragement to contributors nowadays.
  12. If I am getting you correctly..u get 61.9 $ per month out of that portfolio so far? Or 61.9 $ average per 1 download?!? Sorry i am little bit confused.. :)))
  13. I was wondering about it..whats your average income per month out of portfolio with that number cca 1500 images, not counting this really disastrous January?!
  14. Yes ..then we are on the same page here..thats exactly the auto I was thinking about, the auto mode on WB settings..i never use it and always play around with cloudy, day, sun etc..probably that's why the images turn out screwed up with WB, Thank you all
  15. As a novice too I can tell you that the first advice I took here is not to shoot flowers. Even though I like to shoot macro and the flowers look awesome, but they are too many of them as it is,they are too general and they need to be damn good pictures to be sold. The hardest part is making a shot that someone else will actually want to use for something. best of luck anyway..
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